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Euless Trinity volleyball reaches out to El Paso team following Walmart shooting

El Paso Franklin defeated Euless Trinity in three sets on Thursday during the first day of the Mansfield ISD Methodist Medical Center volleyball tournament at Summit High School.

While Franklin won, 2-1, both teams showed tremendous sportsmanship after the match.

In the wake of the El Paso shooting on Aug. 3, Trinity parent Jamie Zuege and head coach Mia Langi decided to “reach out” to the Franklin coaches and players.

Franklin is 19 miles northwest of the Wal-Mart where Patrick Crusius killed 22 people.

“A simple gesture,” said Zuege, whose daughter Emma is a junior middle blocker. “Our Trojans found themselves starting the day against a scrappy team from El Paso, but also with an opportunity to spread a little human kindness in an otherwise dark week.”

Zuege made 15 cards for the Franklin players. A picture of Texas with “strong” in the middle on one side and messages from each Trinity player on the other. They have more cards in case they play any other El Paso teams during the tournament, which runs through Saturday.

The players wrote “if you ever need to talk, you’ve got a friend in Euless” along with their Instagram and SnapChat names.

“Our program is all about family, love, service and to be mindful of others,” Langi said. “Jamie reminded the girls of our pillars and having the girls write a little note on the back was amazing. The Franklin team is amazing and to continue to play with the tragedy that hit their area is a perfect example of “strong.” These girls and the people of El Paso need the love and prayers from all.”

After the match, the two teams talked and hugged one another.


Trinity also gave Franklin wristbands that said “Euless Police.”

“Hopefully it will lift the spirits of someone hurting or maybe even provide a friendly shoulder in a time of need. Sometimes the best gift is just listening and human contact,” Zuege said. “That’s all it takes and it’s what this world needs so desperately. We’d like to challenge everyone reading this post to “reach out” to a stranger and let them know they’re loved.”

“It was very humbling to see two teams who have never met each other give hugs and say “thank you” and “we love you.” Langi added. “What a simple gesture but a memory for all.”

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