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Trinity volleyball player learning that the only constant is change

Hannah Zuege has dealt with major changes each of the past two seasons.
Hannah Zuege has dealt with major changes each of the past two seasons. Courtesy

Hannah Zuege never knows what she’s in for at the start of a season. At least, not for two years running.

The Euless Trinity volleyball player said that moving into a new district in 2016 presented a few challenges, but added that she and her team adjusted very well.

“Last season was our first year as ‘the underdog,’ and we surprised a lot of people,” Zuege said. “We knew we were the underdog, but we knew how to embrace it and push ourselves to make some amazing upsets.”

Heading into this season, coach Mia Langi said that Zuege found herself in another new position, as she was called upon to play the part of a team leader instead of role player.

“Zuege’s biggest role change is that she is now one of the ‘older girls’ on varsity,” Langi said. “She has had to step up her game on leading, instead of following the leader. She has had great leaders before her and great senior leaders on the team now, who she continues to learn leadership qualities from. As for on the court, Zuege has earned herself a six rotation spot because she can do everything.”

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Zuege said she understands her new position within the team and said she feels she has been well prepared to fulfill those expectations.

“I’ve had to accept a lot of responsibility this season,” Zuege said. “I play all around, and I’m a veteran on this team so with that there are a lot of expectations to meet, whether it’s what I expect from myself or what my coaches expect from me. Along with that, there’s certainly some pressure as well, but I’ve been overcoming that more and more every single day. I even have a little note on my locker reminding me to ‘relieve yourself from pressure’ and I really take that to heart.”

Zuege said she is optimistic about Trinity’s chances this season and her team’s potential for growth.

“This team is special, it is a young team, but not in a way that’s a disadvantage,” Zuege said. “There’s a lot of learning being done every day and it’s only pushing us to do better. I’m excited to see the young ones carry the team later on.”

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Langi said that one of the things she stresses most is a family concept within her team, and she said Zuege is a vital part of the Trojans program and exemplifies that concept with her own family.

“I absolutely love the relationship she has with her parents and young sister, ‘Lil’ Zuege,’” Langi said. “Her parents are great positive supporters in everything Hannah is involved in. [Family] is a huge part of our volleyball program and I love when I see great family relationships between the girls and their families.”

Zuege’s Favorites

Favorite athlete: “Zuela Adom, she’s our JV coach and she was also No. 2 on the Trinity varsity team. She’s been a role model for me ever since I met her and I want nothing less than to be great like her.”

Favorite sports team: USA women’s volleyball team

Favorite food: Pasta

Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing

Favorite TV shows: Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Book Currently Reading: Legacy, by James Kerr

Favorite Musical Group or Performer: “Any form of country music is my type of music”