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Local softball star was featured in Sports Illustrated because of this stunning accomplishment

Landry Felts hits two grand slams

Brock junior Landry Felts hit two grand slams in the first inning against Cisco on March 30. She drove in eight runs as Brock won 15-0. Video credit Danielle Felts.
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Brock junior Landry Felts hit two grand slams in the first inning against Cisco on March 30. She drove in eight runs as Brock won 15-0. Video credit Danielle Felts.

Landry Felts knows how to stand out in a crowd.

She hit not one, but two grand slams in the same inning for Brock in a 15-0 softball win over Cisco on March 20.

It was only the 10th recorded instance of a high school player achieving this, according to Brock School District Public Relations Director Greg Joy.

Joy contacted Sports Illustrated and was able to get Felts in the magazine's "Faces In The Crowd" section. She was featured in the May 7 issue.

"It's so hard to get into 'Faces In The Crowd,' but I looked it up and this is such a rare thing she has done. I knew they had to give it strong consideration," Joy said. "It's only happened once in major league history."

That was by former Texas Rangers third baseman Fernando Tatis, who did it in 1999 with the St. Louis Cardinals.

It also happened in February on the collegiate level when Santa Clara's Jake Brodt had two slams in the seventh inning against Boston College.

"I've got to admit I was thinking about it when I came up to bat for the second time," Felts said of her second grand slam. "I have a friend who said, 'You're going to hit another grand slam.'"

And she did. She ended the day 2-for-2 with eight runs batted in.

"My mind was blown," Felts said. "But it really was a team effort. They had to get on base for it to happen."

She'll look to do more of the same when Brock (29-5) takes on Alpine (26-11) in Game 2 of the Class 3A Region I semifinal on Saturday in Stanton with a Game 3 to follow if necessary.

Brock head coach Ryan Starnes said the fact that everything came together perfectly still boggles his mind.

"So many things have to go just right for the possibility to even present itself. Where you hit in the order, what the girls do in front of you, what the defense does, all those things factor into just setting up the possibility," he said.

Felts was batting sixth in the Brock lineup. To set up her first grand slam, the third batter in the order was hit by a pitch, the next batter hit a double but the defense was quick to get the ball back in play, keeping the lead runner at third. Then the No. 5 batter walked.

To set the stage for the second, No. 3 singled, No 4 reached on an error, and No. 5 was hit by a pitch.

"So many things could have been different and the opportunity does not present itself," Starnes said. "But fortunately it did, and she took two really good swings to make it happen. I've never seen or heard of such a thing happening."

They are the only grand slams of Felts' career. She entered this past weekend's playoff series with nine home runs this season, three times as many as she had last year.

And yes, she was surprised to learn that she was recognized nationally for her accomplishment.

"My first thought was 'what is Sports Illustrated?' " she said with a laugh.

The moment also made her something of a celebrity around campus. Even people not at the game were congratulating her as early as the next day.

"Word gets around pretty quickly in Brock," she said. "A lot of people talked to me about it and said it was amazing — and it was. I still can't believe it sometimes."

For Joy, it was his second experience with 'Faces In The Crowd.'

"The best man at my wedding was in it. He was a 7-foot high jumper in high school at Idalou," he said. "But this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this."