High School Softball

Player Spotlight: Grapevine grad Heather Haggard

Heather Haggard was named 8-5A Catcher of the Year
Heather Haggard was named 8-5A Catcher of the Year Courtesy

Heather Haggard may have had her worst day on Nov. 24, 2015, but it might have made her a stronger person. Her father passed away and now she plays the sport he taught her for him.

The recent Grapevine graduate has been playing softball for the past decade. She fell in love with the sport because of two reasons: her dad made it something to love, and the excitement of doing something incredible on the field.

Haggard, who will continue her career at Paris Junior College, was voted District 8-5A Catcher of the Year after getting 44 hits, 40 RBIs, 43 runs and 35 steals. She hit .449 for the playoff bound Mustangs.

She doesn’t know where she’ll play in college, but Haggard can contribute anywhere. She can play catcher, shortstop, second base and third base, and over the years has played all positions.

What are you most looking forward to for next season?

HAGGARD: Meeting and getting to know all of my college teammates.

If you could play any other sport, what would it be?

HAGGARD: Hockey because of all the thrill and excitement that comes out of it. The games are always exciting to watch.

Most memorable moment this past season?

HAGGARD: My favorite moment last season would have to be when there were a lot of cross country people running by our team at a tournament. Reese Lipe and I decided to jump up and run with them until we got too tired.

Career/Major plans in college?

HAGGARD: I will be focusing on forensics and criminal justice. I chose this because I love crime scenes and figuring out mysteries. I also want to give the victims families closure on their family members because that’s what they deserve.

What makes you different than any other person when it comes to sports?

HAGGARD: I think I’m different because I have a lot to play for.

Favorite sport to watch?

HAGGARD: Baseball or hockey

Least favorite?

HAGGARD: Tennis or golf

Favorite food?

HAGGARD: Macaroni

Favorite restaurant?

HAGGARD: Texas Roadhouse

Favorite show?


Favorite movie?

HAGGARD: A Dog’s Purpose

Favorite book?


Favorite athlete?

HAGGARD: Ian Kinsler

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram?

HAGGARD: Twitter (@haggardheather), Instagram (_heatherhaggard_)

Favorite animal?

HAGGARD: Elephant

Favorite color?

HAGGARD: Orange and pink

Best friend?

HAGGARD: My boyfriend, Kalen Martin