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Colleyville Heritage, Justin Northwest, Richland to drop from 6A to 5A

Grapevine coach Randy Jackson is excited about the possibility of being in the same district with Colleyville Heritage.
Grapevine coach Randy Jackson is excited about the possibility of being in the same district with Colleyville Heritage. Special to the Star-Telegram

The UIL officially released its cutoff numbers Friday for next year’s realignment.

The Class 6A cutoff stands at 2,150, up from 2,100 for the 2014 realignment.

Colleyville Heritage (2,097), Justin Northwest (2,079) and Richland (2,041) are dropping from Class 6A to 5A.

“I think eventually we’ll get back to Class 6A, but the growth just isn’t in our attendance zone right now,” Northwest coach Bill Poe said last month. “Mostly it’s in the Byron [Nelson] and [Northwest] Eaton zones, but eventually we’ll grow back larger.”

Heritage goes back to Class 5A after spending the past two seasons in 6A, and should be going back to the same district as rival Grapevine.

“We’ve had so much respect for them. Coach [Joe] Willis is an outstanding coach and we’re honored to be competing with them at the same district level,” Grapevine coach Randy Jackson said. “It’s going to be exciting with both communities out there in a much more important game.”

Grapevine and Colleyville Heritage did meet in nondistrct games the past two years, with the Panthers winning both.

“That game this year, we saw the biggest crowd. I know the quality at Grapevine and coach Jackson and his staff have done an unbelievable job there,” Willis said. “From what I’ve seen, it’ll bring excitement and create momentum for both programs, a game that’ll count in district, and I’m looking forward to it.”

The Panthers went 5-6 and 3-3 in both years while competing in District 7-6A. Willis, who just finished his first year with the program, is no stranger to reclassification after coming over from 5A power Cedar Park.

“Class 5A competition is plenty stiff, we don’t feel like it entitles us to any outcome, just a different schedule, but we want to maintain that high level of play,” Willis said. “It’s no different at Cedar Park or Colleyville Heritage, we want to put a great product out on the field for the kids and community.”

Others that are staying put — Mansfield Summit (2,119) and Mansfield Lake Ridge (2,109) — thought to be moving up, will remain in 5A for at least the next two years.

“Based on previous numbers, indication was that there was a strong possibility we were moving up, but you never quite know,” Summit coach Travis Pride said. “For us, it wasn’t about enrollment, but more so participation numbers and 5A is a better category for us.”

“We can play with anybody, but sometimes you look at Allen with 6,000 kids and some others with 4,000 and 3,000, they have more kids to choose from, then you look at a school with 2,100 and it puts a toll on you for an entire season.”

The 2016-18 alignments will be released on Feb. 1, 2016 for football and basketball. District alignments for other activities will be released in the order of their seasons.


2016 Cutoffs

2014 Cutoffs

6A: 2,150-up

6A: 2,100-up

5A: 1,100-2,149

5A: 1,060-2,099

4A: 480-1,099

4A: 465-1,059

3A: 221-479

3A: 220-464

2A: 105-220

2A: 105-219

1A: 104.9-below

1A: 104.9-below

2016 4A-1A football cutoffs

4A Division I 723 – 1,099

4A Division II 480 – 722

3A Division I 319 – 479

3A Division II 221 – 318

2A Division I 158 – 220

2A Division II 105 – 157

1A Division I 59 – 104.9

1A Division II 58 and below

UIL Cutoffs



6A 2150-up

6A 2100-up

5A 1100-2149

5A 1060-2099

4A 480-1,099

4A 465-1059

3A 221-479

3A 220-464

2A 105-220

2A 105-219

1A 104.9

1A 104.9