Oregon, Ohio State players agree TCU snubbed from playoff


The majority of Oregon and Ohio State players agree: If there was another team that deserved to be in the inaugural College Football Playoff, it would have been TCU.

Of the more than 25 players polled during Saturday’s CFP Championship Game media day, all but five named TCU as the best of the rest despite their No. 6 seeding by the playoff committee.

In order to get more candid responses, the players’ names were not included in the surveys.

“Their defense and their offense — they’re both pretty good,” one player said. “And I felt like they kind of got jipped out of it.”

Several Oregon players recognized the same kind of program building at TCU that has helped put the Ducks in the national title discussion for the past several years.

“TCU is a really good team,” one Ducks player said. “Just watching them, they’re trying to make a name for themselves, too. You want to make sure you’re looking out for them because they’re playing with a chip on their shoulder.”

Following the Frogs was Baylor, which received four nods of approval, and Michigan State, which one player claimed was the fifth-best team in the country.

“They had a great season and they have some great players,” one player said of Baylor.

Naturally, all but two players said they preferred the new playoff format because they were given a chance to prove their worth on the field.

The downside, one player said, was to the bowl system as a whole.

“It’s kind of hard,” he said. “I like the playoff system, but I think it takes away from the other bowls. Everyone wants to be here. And if they are not here, it’s a letdown, I think. I think both have their ups and downs.”

As Oregon players entered media day, it wasn’t hard to be reminded that the Ducks have the most diverse uniforms in the country. A majority of players from both teams agreed that Oregon has the best duds in college football.

Out of the players polled, however, an Oregon player was the only one to state that uniforms don’t really matter.

Don’t think college athletes would spend all their money on the latest styles to match their flashy uniforms. When asked what they would do if they received a stipend for playing football in a Power 5 conference, most said they would use it to help their families offset the cost of living or put it in the bank.

“It’s always good to have money in the account,” one player said. “You don’t want to see all those zeros.”

Here are more responses from questions asked Saturday:

Fastest player

▪ 1. Devin Smith, Ohio St.

▪ 2. Devon Allen, Oregon

▪ 3. Amari Cooper, Alabama

▪ 4. Kermit Whitfield, Florida St.

▪ 5. Charles Nelson, Oregon

▪ 6. Devontae Booker, Utah

Best team other than Ohio State or Oregon

▪ 1. Alabama

Best tradition

▪ 1. Rivalry games (Colorado vs. Colorado State, USC vs. UCLA, Ohio State vs. Michigan State listed)

“It’s something to look forward to at the end, no matter if it was a good season or a bad season. Those games are pretty fun and have good intensity and are pretty exciting.”

▪ 2. The Rose Bowl

“My favorite game was the [2006] Texas vs. USC game. I was always dreaming about playing in that game.”

Stipend use

▪ 1. Save it

▪ 2. Everyday expenses

▪ 3. Rent

▪ 4. Buy a car

▪ 5. Help out family

▪ 6. Food

▪ 7. TV

▪ 8. Invest in stocks

▪ 9. Tattoos


▪ “My family is not in a great position right now at home, so I know I’d be able to help my mom out, help her out with mortgage. Even if it’s not that much, it would take a little bit of stress off of her and what she’s going through.”

▪ “Would I invest it? Maybe. Would I use it to pay off my car? Maybe. I would love more money. I wouldn’t vote against it.”

▪ “I would use it for gas. I saw like $1.86 here. It’s mid-$2 up in Oregon. Because of the laws, you can’t fill your own gas. People have to fill them for you. It would be nice to save some money for gas.”

▪ “Clothes. We train so much I’ve put on 20 pounds since I’ve been here, and I put on a pair of jeans since I got here and they are like skinny jeans.”

Best uniforms

▪ 1. Oregon

▪ 2. Ohio State

▪ 3.TCU

▪ 4. Baylor

▪ 5. USC


▪ “I really like Baylor’s gold helmets.”

▪ “I like how USC changed up tradition and are wearing team color cleats this year.”

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