Fan spotlight: Ducks supporters from Appalachia

Molly and Bryan Morrison
Molly and Bryan Morrison Star-Telegram

Molly and Bryan Morrison

Reside: Charleston, W.Va.

Rooting interest: Oregon. “I’ve loved the colors green and yellow all my life,” Molly said. “And about 15 years ago, I decided I needed to start watching football, and Oregon was a good fit for me.”

Previous Oregon bowls: None, but they attend at least one regular-season game per year.

How they got here: Flew from Charleston to Dallas after work Friday. Bought a pair of third-level tickets for $608 each on Tuesday. The trip in total cost the couple around $2,500.

Molly said: “We watch every game. If we can’t, we have the [Pac-12] Network on our phones and plug our phones into the TV with an HDMI cable and watch them.”

Lisa Mcneal and Ronnie Cupp

Reside: Knoxville, Tenn.

Rooting interest: Oregon. As season-ticket holders for the Tennessee Volunteers, the couple didn’t become Oregon fans until the late-2000s. “We just like the speed. It’s much different than the Vols.”

Previous Oregon bowls: Alamo Bowl, San Antonio (2013).

How they got here: Drove 13 hours from Tennessee to Dallas on Friday, in time for Saturday’s “Fan Central” at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. They confidently purchased a pair of game tickets for $1,900 before Oregon won the Rose Bowl.

Lisa said: “We decided we were going to a bowl game, either way. So I just bought the tickets for the national championship, because we knew they were coming.”