Weekend Takeaway: Five observations from college football

Some observations while watching the gridiron journey Saturday of America’s football student-athletes.

1 How bad has it gotten at Texas in the early season? Players are stating publicly that they’d rather be at Texas A&M. Adam James only thought the dark closet was bad.

2 Contrary to reports, the TCU history department will not be offering an upper-level course in the spring titled “Everything That’s Happened in the World Since the Frogs Beat Texas that Badly.”

3 Baylor and Florida each made statements on Saturday: stay out of our schedule and stay away from our swamp.

4 Texas Tech and politics have much in common. Three weeks is a very long time in the rough and tumble world of their respective sports.

5 Is Oklahoma State a pretender or legitimate contender after last week gasping past Texas, which wilted under the fumes of the Trinity this week, and this week scraping past Kansas State, on a quarterback carousel and needing three overtimes to outlast Louisiana Tech last week?