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Baylor backer not deluded by football success

A Baylor alumn has responded to the rape scandal with a full-page newspaper advertisement.
A Baylor alumn has responded to the rape scandal with a full-page newspaper advertisement.

Winning at all costs. At Baylor, the coaching staff, athletic department and even the university’s administration have been found to mishandle allegations of rape and other violence by Baylor football players to protect the players and the program.

Some wealthy donors reportedly are pressuring the Baylor board of regents to not fire coach Art Briles, but rather suspend him for one year and then bring him back.

Last Sunday, some Baylor backers purchased a full-page newspaper ad in the Austin American-Statesman to thank disgraced former president Ken Starr, who was demoted to chancellor before resigning in the wake of this sexual assault crisis. That ad thanks Starr for his “exceptional care for students.”

So disgusted by his school’s behavior that led to this scandal as well as how it has acted in the aftermath, Baylor alumn and attorney Roger Sanders of Sherman decided to take out a full-page newspaper ad in the Statesman to share a few thoughts of his own, such as:

“Whatever his other contributions, the overriding disgrace of Judge Starr’s tenure will linger.”

“Look, we all like to win. I entered Baylor in 1966 when Baylor had suffered a zillion straight losses to Texas in football. I hated it. But trying to correct that at the expense of one rape by one football player tolerated by one Baylor president, administrator, or Board member – that is flat disgusting. In the face of the reported 7 or 8 rapes, shouldn’t a full page ad start with a full page apology to the rape victims on behalf of the entire Baylor community, especially since the Board and Judge Starr can’t seem to find the words?”

“If Judge Starr and the Board ever get around to making things right with the young women victimized, isolated and ignored because of Baylor athletics, they might also apologize to every Baylor grad whose degree has been muddied, every Baylor professor whose reputation has been sullied, and every person who has supported the university as the Board’s aggrandizing antics have debased Baylor’s reputation.”