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Sorry SEC, the real ‘DBU’ is Texas

Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas is among the 12 Texas defensive backs who were drafted between 2006-15.
Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas is among the 12 Texas defensive backs who were drafted between 2006-15. MCT

It seems every major program likes to claim ownership of a particular position. In recent years, Baylor has taken to calling itself Wide Receiver University because of its perennial talent at the position.

For years, SEC rivals LSU and Florida have had a tug-o-war over which should be called Defensive Back University. Both have certainly churned out a number of talented defensive backs to the NFL. But which one, if either, should stand above all others as DBU?

Well, the answer might surprise you.

In preparation for this week’s NFL draft, CBS Sports put together a methodology to determine which teams deserve ultimate bragging rights at each position from 2006-2015 by looking at which schools have produced not just the most NFL talent, but the most starters.

A final score for each school is tabulated by a points system that awards NFL starts (one point per start), Pro Bowl selections (two points per appearance), draft selections (two points per) and first-round picks (three points per).

And the winner is…

That’s right, the Texas Longhorns are the real DBU, at least over the last 10 years. Texas finished with 738 total points, which included 12 draft picks, five first-round picks, six Pro Bowls and 687 starts.

Here’s CBS Sports’ Jon Solomon’s take on Texas as DBU:

“Florida and LSU often boast that they’re Defensive Back U. In reality, Texas deserves the title with an impressive amount of quality depth over the past decade. Besides Earl Thomas and Michael Griffin being Pro Bowlers, the Longhorns also produced Michael Huff, Cedric Griffin, Tarell Brown, Aaron Ross, Aaron Williams and Kenny Vaccaro. In the past decade, only Alabama had more defensive backs drafted (14) than Texas (12). The Longhorns are tied with Alabama for the most first-round picks at defensive back (five). The big difference: Texas defensive backs have started 200+ more NFL games than those from Alabama since 2006. Perhaps one of these years Texas will turn it around on the field in college to mirror this NFL success in the secondary.”

LSU and Florida didn’t even crack the top three and neither was even tops in the SEC. The SEC’s true DBU over the last decade is actually South Carolina (696 total points). Ohio State finished third (693), followed by LSU (683), Miami (570) and Florida (522).

This Position U look has spanned nine positions so far (DB, DL, TE, OL, RB, WR, P, K, LB). Texas is the only Big 12 team to appear in any of them. The Longhorns came in No. 3 at defensive line, No. 3 at running back and fourth at punter.