Baylor Bears

Baylor JUCO transfer kicked off team says he was treated unfairly


Now the supposed cleanup phase of the Baylor sexual assault scandal is getting messy.

The university told ESPN’s Outside the Lines that it is reviewing the backgrounds of all incoming athletes who transferred from other schools. That review led to a potentially troubling discovery involving defensive tackle Jeremy Faulk, who played at Florida Atlantic and then Garden City Community College before enrolling at Baylor in January.

Faulk told Outside the Lines that Baylor coaches questioned him on June 1 about an incident he was involved in at Florida Atlantic as well as about an alleged sexual assault that may have occurred in April on the Baylor campus. No charges were filed in either case and Faulk denies sexually assaulting anyone, and said he’s never been asked by police to discuss the alleged April incident.

Still, Faulk is no longer on the Baylor football and is no longer enrolled at the school. A former assistant coach at Florida Atlantic and Garden City, Jeff Sims, who coached Faulk at both schools, told OTL that he was dismayed at a conversation he had with Baylor acting coach Jim Grobe in relation to the allegations:

“Grobe says to me, ‘Listen, if he just leaves, he can go on, and we won’t stop him from playing anywhere, and this investigation will stop.’” Flabbergasted at the notion a sexual assault investigation might disappear if an accused player were to leave the team, Sims said he pressed Grobe, but Grobe struggled to be more specific before implying that Baylor administrators had made him remove the player from the team.

“To me, that’s the whole reason they got in trouble — either Jeremy’s innocent, and they should go through the process, and he should get his scholarship back and play. Or he’s guilty, and this girl should get some justice.”

OTL was unable to reach Grobe for comment, but a Baylor spokeswoman emailed it on Thursday, saying, “Coach Grobe has a different recollection of the conversation,” and “he has made clear that his standards emphasize accountability, integrity and character — for the entire program.”

Meanwhile, Faulk is confused why he was forced to withdraw from Baylor.

“No one’s given me a reason why I’ve been released,” Faulk told OTL. “If I just leave, it will look like I’m guilty, and I didn’t do anything.”

Earlier this week reports surfaced that Faulk, along with another junior college transfer, offensive lineman B.J. Autry, has been suspended for “violating team rules.”

Sims said Baylor is not giving Faulk his due process.

“Baylor is only worried about taking care of Baylor, and they’re not worried about the men — or the women — in this process,” Sims told OTL.