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Baylor football player found guilty of sexual assault

Baylor’s McLane Stadium was opened in 2014.
Baylor’s McLane Stadium was opened in 2014. AP

Sam Ukwuachu, a defensive end who had been suspended by Baylor more than a year ago, was convicted Thursday night of sexually assaulting a former Baylor soccer player, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported.

Ukwuachu, a one-time freshman All-American at Boise State who is from Pearland, had transferred to Baylor in 2013.

A jury in McLennan County found him guilty of raping a student in October 2013 after Baylor’s homecoming victory over Iowa State. Ukwuachu, 22, testified that the sex was consensual.

The Waco Tribune Herald reported that the judge started hearing witnesses for the punishment phase Thursday night.

Ukwuachu came to Baylor in the fall of 2013 after being dismissed by Boise State in May 2013, where he was accused of being abusive toward a former girlfriend, Sports Illustrated reported. Ukwuachu denied in court he ever hurt her.

Baylor attempted to get an NCAA waiver allowing him to become immediately eligible, but Boise State said it would not support the petition, according to Texas Monthly. He never played at Baylor.

Baylor released a statement Thursday night:

“Acts of sexual violence contradict every value Baylor University upholds as a caring Christian community. In recent years we have joined university efforts nationally to prevent campus violence against women and sexual assault, to actively support survivors of sexual assault with compassion and care, and to take action against perpetrators. We have established and fully staffed a Title IX office that employs a Title IX Coordinator and two full-time investigators. Maintaining a safe and caring community is central to Baylor’s mission and at the heart of our commitment to our students, faculty and staff.”