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‘Die a rich man.’ Big 12 football players go unplugged on off-the-field topics

Ever wondered what your favorite Big 12 football players listen to to get pumped up for games? Or what their hobbies off the field might include?

And have you ever considered which superhero would make the best football player?

The Star-Telegram surveyed 11 college players on these questions and more at the Big 12 Media Days at AT&T Stadium last week.

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

A.J. Green, Oklahoma State: “A lot of people don’t know but I’m left handed. So I guess that’s something.”

Bryce Torneden, Kansas: “I have alopecia. Whenever I get stressed, my hair will actually fall out. I have to get shots. I actually have to go to the doctor and get shots and stuff whenever it gets bad.”

Douglas Coleman III, Texas Tech: “My favorite show is Duck Dynasty. Because I’m from Louisiana so I mean … that’s what I grew up around.”

Garret Wallow, TCU: “I like watching throwback black movies. ‘A Thin Line Between Love and Hate’ and stuff like that. ‘Love and Basketball,’ ‘Paid in Full,’ those types of movies.”

Hakeem Adeniji, Kansas: “I’m a great cook. I cook a lot. I pretty much cook all of my food. Just whatever I’m feeling, I like to make new things.”

Innis Gaines, TCU: “I’m very good at Fortnite. Y’all should add me on Fortnite.”

Jalen Reagor, TCU: “I love fashion.” What’s his style? “Different colors, tight jeans, stuff like that.”

Johnny Wilson, Oklahoma State: “I’m not as crazy as everybody thinks I am. … I’m not mean. I’m a nice guy.”

Khalil Herbert, Kansas: “I’m a big outdoorsy guy. I’m from South Florida, it’s kinda weird [but] I like being outside a lot.”

Nevill Gallimore, Oklahoma: “I can speak French. I was born and raised in Canada. My mom enrolled me in a French immersion school when I was about four. And I took that up until the 11th grade.”

Ross Blacklock, TCU: “As big as I am, I’m not mean. People think I look so mean for some reason, because of my size.”

Which superhero do you think would make the best football player?

A.J. Green: “I’d probably want Spider-man. On the football field I feel like he could be an asset.”

Douglas Coleman III: “Thor. I mean he got a hammer so he can just knock everybody out the way.”

Khalil Herbert: “Iron Man. Just cause he’s smart, he’s equally balanced, he can fly, he’s agile.”

Hakeem Adeniji: “Superman. He has like, no weakness. He has one weakness, but you can’t hurt him on a football field.”

Innis Gaines: “The Hulk would obviously be the best, he can’t get tackled or anything. Besides the Hulk I’d say Iron Man. Iron Man’s stiff with it!”

Jalen Reagor: “Flash. You won’t be able to catch him.”

Nevill Gallimore: “Definitely between the Hulk or Thanos.” But isn’t Thanos a villain? “I don’t think he’s a villain, he’s just misunderstood, I think so.”

Ross Blacklock: “Hulk. Can’t nobody tackle him. It would be cheating, low-key, but can’t nobody tackle the Hulk.”

What is the greatest sports video game of all time?

Douglas Coleman III: “2K.”

Garret Wallow: “If I do play, I’m gonna play 2K. I’d probably say [2K18].”

Innis Gaines: “Madden’s falling off a little bit … I like playing 2K. Not MyPlayer though, I don’t do that MyPlayer stuff. Strictly competitive.”

Jalen Reagor: “I play Madden. It’s the only game I play.”

Johnny WIlson: “NCAA. If NCAA still made their video games, it would be better than Madden.”

Neville Gallimore: “If I was to play a game, I’d play 2K. But I’m not gonna lie, I’m not one of those guys that’s like ‘yo, play me online.’ I’m not competitive because I don’t game like that”

Ross Blacklock: “Madden. I’m not really a gamer, but Madden.”

What type of music do you listen to before games?

Bryce Torneden: “A lot of hip-hop. If it’s pregame I gotta get some energy. I like Future.”

Garret Wallow: “I like to listen to rap. Like Gucci, sometimes I like to throw it back to R&B music to calm me down, to keep my mind right. I like to listen to things on YouTube, like motivational speakers on YouTube … just to keep me focused.”

Hakeem Adeniji: “Rap. Before every game I at least listen to a little bit of TI, that’s probably one of my favorite rappers. More his older stuff. It depends what I’m feeling that day. Maybe some J. Cole.”

Innis Gaines: “I like that Young Thug, some Meek Mill, some Future, he got the heat.”

Jalen Reagor: “Rap only. Gunna. If that’s the last person I gotta listen to it’s Gunna.”

Johnny Wilson: “Heavy metal. All the time.” His favorite bands? “5 Finger Death Punch, Ocean’s 8 Alaska and Wage War.”

Khalil Herbert: “I listen to rap. Gunna, Young Thug, Meek Mill, Future.”

Nevill Gallimore: “I listen to a lot of trap music, but also I’m Jamaican. My parents are Jamaican so I listen to a lot of hype dancehall music.”

What do you like to do in your downtime?

A.J. Green: “I like to play Madden. I think I’m very good at Madden. And I like to play dominoes.”

Bryce Torneden: “I read every now and again, watching TV, watching ‘The Office.’”

Douglas Coleman III: “Draw. I draw all my tattoos. I’m on that type of level.”

Innis Gaines: “Beside play Fortnite, I like to hang out with my family, my son, he’s gonna be one in August. Besides that… hang out with my teammates, cook, I like to cook some seafood, restaurant coming soon.”

Jalen Reagor: “Listen to music and dance.”

Johnny Wilson: “Fish, hunt, outdoors stuff. Or just hang out with friends.”

Ross Blacklock: “Sleep. I like to read, I read every once in awhile. I used to write, nothing too major like poetry or anything, but like what’s on my mind, basically, to help me escape the real world sometimes.”

What is your favorite football movie?

Bryce Torneden: “I was born in Texas so I go ‘Friday Night Lights’. That’s a prideful movie.”

Douglas Coleman III: “‘Remember the Titans.’”

Garret Wallow: “‘Remember the Titans,’ ‘Friday Night Lights,’ ‘Facing the Giants,’ ‘Gridiron Gang,’ but if I had to choose one, my preference is ‘Friday Night Lights.’”

Hakeem Adeniji: “‘Remember the Titans.’”

Innis Gaines: “‘Friday Night Lights’. That’s my favorite movie. That’s the best one. I used to watch that every day before my high school games. It’s not on Netflix anymore so I can’t watch it as much.”

Jalen Reagor: “‘Friday Night Lights.’”

Johnny WIlson: “‘Any Given Sunday.’”

Nevill Gallimore: “I’m not gonna lie, it’s probably between ‘Gridiron Gang’ or ‘Remember the Titans.’”

Ross Blacklock: “‘Remember the Titans.’”

Do you have anything on your bucket list?

A.J. Green: “I wanna skydive. I really wanna hop out of a plane.”

Douglas Coleman III: “Die a rich man.”

Garret Wallow: “One thing I wanna do but I’m too scared to do is, I wanna go skydiving. I definitely wanna jump out a plane but I need a professional strapped in with me.”

Innis Gaines: “I wanna be in the Hall of Fame. Really bad. Besides that, I just want to be successful in life. That’s really it.”

Johnny WIlson: “Fish for sharks or hunt a black bear.”

Khalil Herbert: “Road trip across the U.S.”

Nevill Gallimore: “I wanna go back to Jamaica. That’s probably the biggest thing. I wanna go and just turn up for a week.”

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