Latest low on Cowboys coaster a woeful team effort

It’s safe to say Brandon Carr won’t visit Six Flags Over Texas anytime soon. Since signing with the Cowboys before last season, the veteran cornerback has gotten too many unplanned rides on the team’s own version of the Texas Skyscreamer.

“I don’t like roller coasters,” Carr said Monday. “It makes your stomach hurt. It’s the emotions and everything. This is not a good feeling. We have too good of ballplayers, good coaches, overall a good program, good organization that we should be winning these games. It’s tough to go out and win on the road, but the good teams go out and get the job done. We have to find that within ourselves and turn that corner.”

The Cowboys are up one week and down the next. They beat the Rams 31-7 on Sept. 22, playing their best all-around game in two years, and then they lost to the Chargers 30-21 on Sunday by blowing an 11-point lead.

Last season, the Cowboys didn’t put together back-to-back wins until November. And since the start of the 2010 season, they have had two two-game win streaks, one three-game win streak and a four-game win streak.

The Cowboys are still in first place in the NFC East, which says more about the state of the division than how they are playing. Washington and Philadelphia both are 1-3, and the Giants are 0-4.

The Cowboys were favored by one point Sunday. They lost by 11.

The defense allowed 506 total yards, including 401 passing yards by Philip Rivers. The offense scored only 14 points, lost a fumble, averaged 5.7 yards per attempt and converted only 3 of 9 third downs. Special teams missed a field goal, albeit a 56-yard attempt.

It was a team effort, despite the criticism being lobbed at the defense.

“You can go back in a game like that and point to this play, that play and that play, and the outcome is different,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday. “Because they were so efficient on offense, you limit your opportunities [on offense], but you’ve got to cash in on them. That’s part of the deal, and that’s how a team works. Each week you’re going to have to win different ways, and the best teams are able to do that.”

The Cowboys have no time to rest on their sorrows.

Peyton Manning and the high-flying Denver Broncos come to town Sunday. The Broncos have won 15 regular-season games in a row by at least seven points. Manning has thrown 16 touchdown passes and no interceptions, putting him on pace to break the NFL record by 14. The Broncos are averaging 45 points a game, putting them on pace to break the NFL record by 127.

The Cowboys rank 20th on defense, and they are on pace to allow the most yards in team history.

This was supposed to be different than 2012.

“It’s real frustrating,” Cowboys linebacker Ernie Sims said. “Right now, it’s just a wake-up call for everybody. Everybody got to step up to the plate and play football. It’s tough. But this is a big game coming up. This is the game with the defense that we’ve really got to step up to the plate.”

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