NHL lockout officially over, training camps open today

NHL hockey is finally back, and this time it's official.

Nearly one week after a tentative labor deal was agreed to by the league and its players, the sides agreed to a required memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Saturday night that truly makes the lockout a thing of the past.

Training camps will open today, and a 48-game regular season will begin next Saturday. The signing of the MOU also paved the way for the NHL to release the long-awaited revised schedule.

Twenty-six of the 30 teams will play Saturday, including the Dallas Stars, who will open the season at home against the Phoenix Coyotes at 7 p.m.. All games will be intraconference this season.

The Stars will travel to Minnesota to play the Wild next Sunday, then to Detroit on Jan. 22 before returning home for a two-game homestand Jan. 24 against Chicago and Jan. 26 against St. Louis.

The Stars will begin a six-day training camp today that will run through Friday at the Dr Pepper Stars Center in Frisco. The team will practice Thursday at American Airlines Center. All practice sessions are free and open to the public. Today's hour-long practice starts at 2:15 p.m. A complete practice schedule is available on the team's website.

It took another lengthy negotiation on Saturday to finally end the four-month lockout. The sides worked on the MOU all week, after a tentative deal was reached last Sunday morning -- the 113th day of the lockout -- and needed all day Saturday to finish it.

The announcement that the deal was signed came several hours after the union easily ratified the tentative agreement that was reached after an all-night, 16-hour bargaining session last weekend.

The more than 700 union members had a 36-hour window from Thursday night until Saturday morning to vote electronically. The NHL board of governors unanimously approved the deal on Wednesday.

The new deal is for 10 years, but either side can opt out of it after eight.

While this negotiation was long, the sides were able to rescue at least part of the season. The NHL also played a 48-game campaign following a lockout in the 1994-95 season.

The 2004-05 was completely canceled because of a lockout. This one forced the cancellation of 510 regular-season games, the Winter Classic and the All-Star game. No preseason games will be played in the seven days before the regular season gets under way.

2013 Dallas Stars schedule

Date Opponent Time

JAN 19 vs. PHX 7 PM

JAN 20 at MIN 7 PM

JAN 22 at DET 6:30 PM

JAN 24 vs. CHI 7:30 PM

JAN 26 vs. STL 7 PM

JAN 28 at CLB 6 PM

JAN 29 at DET 6:30 PM

FEB 1 vs. PHX 7:30 PM

FEB 2 at PHX 7 PM

FEB 4 at COL 8 PM

FEB 6 at EDM 8:30 PM

FEB 8 vs. ANA 7:30 PM

FEB 12 at EDM 8:30 PM

FEB 13 at CAL 8:30 PM

FEB 15 at VAN 9 PM

FEB 17 vs. CAL 2 PM

FEB 21 vs. VAN 7:30 PM

FEB 23 vs. SJ 7 PM

FEB 25 at NAS 7 PM

FEB 26 at CLB 6 PM

FEB 28 vs. EDM 7:30 PM

MAR 3 vs. StL 2 PM

MAR 7 at LA 9:30 PM

MAR 9 at PHX 7 PM

MAR 12 va. NAS 7:30 PM

MAR 14 vs. ANA 7:30 PM

MAR 16 vs. CHI 7 PM

MAR 18 vs. CAL 7:30 PM

MAR 20 at COL 8:30 PM

MAR 21 at LA 9:30 PM

MAR 23 vs. COL 7 PM

MAR 25 vs. MIN 7:30 PM

MAR 29 vs. MIN 7:30 PM

MAR 31 vs. LA 5 PM

APR 1 vs. ANA 7:30 PM

APR 3 at ANA 9 PM

APR 5 at ANA 9 PM

APR 7 at SJ 3 PM

APR 9 vs. LA 7:30 PM

APR 12 at NAS 7 PM

APR 13 vs. SJ 7 PM

APR 15 at CHI 7 PM

APR 18 vs. Van 7:30 PM

APR 19 at StL 7 PM

APR 21 at LA 8 PM

APR 23 at SJ 9 PM

APR 25 vs. CLB 7:30 PM

APR 27 vs. DET 7 PM