Cowboys Stadium proposed as host for 4 simultaneous basketball games

Cowboys Stadium has hosted everything from the Super Bowl and the NBA All-Star Game to big-time boxing and soccer matches. It will add the NCAA Final Four to its list in 2014.

As a warm-up to college basketball's prized event, there is talk about having Cowboys Stadium host four basketball games simultaneously to kick off the 2013-14 season next Veterans Day weekend.

The concept comes from Mark Hollis, Michigan State athletic director and member of the men's basketball committee. He's the person who created the Carrier Classic in which North Carolina and Michigan State played each other on the USS Carl Vinson last year.

"We are intrigued by the idea and are in the early stages of exploring many of the details that would go into making an event like this a reality," said Charlotte Anderson, executive vice president of the Dallas Cowboys and member of the North Texas Final Four Local Organizing Committee.

Hollis introduced his idea last month in Arlington when the 2014 Final Four logo was unveiled, and Sports Illustrated ran a story on it Thursday that generated buzz among the college basketball world.

"I just had a vision after looking down on the venue ... everything is big in Texas," Hollis said in a phone interview. "But by no means is it a done deal. Is it possible? Yes."

Michigan State would be one of eight teams to play in the games, but Hollis didn't reveal other possibilities. Hollis said they also would partner with the many military bases in and near North Texas.

The idea is to have four courts set up in the corners with a broadcast center in the middle. Fans would be seated in the corner sections, and there also would be six to eight rows of bleacher seats on the side closest to the broadcast center.

The games would be staggered by 15 minutes, giving it the feel of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. Hollis also said it could resemble a golf tournament, where fans watching one particular game could hear roars from another one.

It might seem far-fetched at this point, but playing a game on an aircraft carrier did, too.

"We're going through the due diligence to make sure it makes sense to execute it," Hollis said.

Drew Davison


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