Galloway and Big Mac: Great expectations for Yu

As the Rangers continue their red-hot April, expectations for big-money rookie Yu Darvish remain high. But our Randy Galloway and Mac Engel are stepping way out of character and counseling patience.

Here are excerpts from this week's Galloway and Big Mac:

Galloway: I don't know of any name that was mentioned more, including the Cowboys, since January in the local jock kingdom than one Yu.

Engel: It went, Randy, one; Yu, two.

Galloway: Yeah, OK. I think he's right.

Engel: He's had two starts ... what do you think? (Up or down?)

Galloway: I want to go, even. ... My thought was, and I saw the guy pitch out in Arizona, in spring training, and was impressed. I saw him working on the sideline. Have seen these two starts that he's made so far.

But let's everybody key down. I think some people thought, here we go, this is going to be Nolan Ryan. This is a 25-year-old Nolan Ryan. Some people thought, instant ace.

No, this kid is a rookie. He's a rookie.

Engel: ... A $112 million investment, that should kind of buy you an ace. There's no doubt, watching him throw, he's got overpowering stuff, and he obviously will battle, he'll fight. That's worth a lot. But I'm looking at the guy right now and I'm seeing a 10-, 12-game winner. Now, in two years? Twenty-game winner.

Galloway: And that's what the $112 million investment is about. People want that to translate -- or, some people do -- translate immediately to instant ace because they paid it to him now. It's OK if it translates in two years to that, that's fine.

You know who he is right now, in those two starts? He's a little better than Derek Holland two years ago.

Engel: Oh, no, he's better than that. I take him over Derek Holland two years ago.

This is the thing I like about Yu Darvish. First of all, he'll fight. That first start showed you, he'll fight. He got out of the first inning, he battled ... it wasn't worth a standing ovation, but he fought.

I think the thing that I like about him the most is that, if he keeps getting better, come October, you could see a hammer.

Galloway: Don't think it'll happen this year. Maybe you'll see more of it next year, and then I think the year after that you're going to see it. But expectations got real high because of money and PR.

I'll say this, from first start to the second start, he was better. He wasn't good, but he was better.

Engel: OK, since baseball's a numbers a game, for him to have a successful season ... are you looking at 10, 12 wins, a sub-4 ERA (earned run average)? To me, he's got to have a sub-4 ERA.

Galloway: Here's a successful ... because wins are so shaky ... I would say, if this kid, if he's got 180 to 200 innings this year, and if his ERA is just under 4, maybe a tick over, then I would say that's probably a successful start.