Lam Lam, we hardly knew ya

The Mavericks' decision this week to, finally, part ways with frustrating forward Lamar Odom was met by joy and praise, especially from the stars of our Galloway and Big Mac show. Here are excerpts from their discussion:

Randy Galloway: I have to get a little bit negative this morning, and I hate to.

Mac Engel: That's a little out of character.

Galloway: Wow. We are talking about a guy named Lamar Odom. And, as we speak today, Lamar Odom is gone, gone, gone from the Mavericks.

Engel: But, Randy, the better question is, was he ever actually here?

Galloway: Yes, he was. He's been here, for four months, the same way he is here right now. He's here only from the standpoint that he's still being paid for doing nothing. He's been doing nothing, and been getting paid, since he arrived here.

Engel: Of all the player acquisitions, you wrote in a column last week that Lam Lam, your nickname for him, never really wanted to be here. You mentioned that Lamar Odom joins the ranks of a whole bunch of other guys that have been traded to the greater Fort Worth-Dallas area but never really wanted to be here.

Of all the guys who have been traded here -- guy was the NBA Sixth Man of the Year -- is this guy the biggest flop, in terms of Harold Baines, Lee Mazzilli, Adrian Dantley, Antoine Walker ... you can name other guys, too. There's a handful of Dallas Stars -- Pierre Turgeon -- who came here for the money, who came here because they had to.

Is Odom the worst that we've seen?

Galloway: I would say, of those names we mentioned, Lamar Odom, in the history ... I would say Lamar Odom is the worst case of, "Look, I don't want to be here, and I'm going to demonstrate that I don't want to be here. I'm sad, I'm lonely, I'm hurting, I miss Kobe, I miss L.A."

Even all those guys we mentioned, they did a little something, even though they didn't want to be here.

Engel: But, Randy, you said in your column that it was something about us. He didn't like us. Do you really think it was more, I just hate this. I hate the whole thing. Was he still so hurt that L.A. didn't love him, that it dumped him for a first-round pick?

Galloway: You know, I don't know. And I really don't care, and haven't cared since he's been here, what his problems are, what's going on up there in his noggin. He was a lifeless lump of worthless basketball humanity. But, here's what we've got to say: That chapter is over. It's gone. The funny thing is, Harold Baines wasn't a good trade, when the Rangers made that (for Sammy Sosa) in the late '80s. Lee Mazzilli was an awful trade when they made it. Adrian Dantley was an awful trade when the Mavericks made that in the '80s.

But you know what? Lamar Odom was one of the great acquisitions ever. You got the Sixth Man of the Year in the NBA for nothing.