Galloway and Big Mac: Peyton Manning in Cowboys' blue?

Former Colts legend Peyton Manning, the biggest NFL free agent in some time (ever?), has visited with Denver, Arizona and Miami, and has Tennessee on his schedule, as he looks for a new home. The Cowboys have not expressed interest in Manning, who is 35 and coming off a neck injury that cost him the 2011 season.

But Randy Galloway and Mac Engel, in this week's Galloway and Big Mac, think owner/GM Jerry Jones made a mistake by not giving Manning a call. Tony Romo, they said, could use the pressure.

Here are excerpts from this week's show:

Galloway: Let's talk Peyton Manning, and your Dallas Cowboys.

Engel: Jerry loves himself some names. ... Randy, if you're Jerry, do you make a play for No. 18?

Galloway: If you're going to do it, you do it all the way. What you're going to do is trade Tony Romo. If you're going to do it. I'm not saying I recommend this. You trade Tony Romo, you pick up a good offensive lineman, you pick up the best defensive player you can ... hopefully a pass rusher. Hypothetical. Romo has great value.

Engel: You mention all these teams. Tennessee, Denver, all these guys have quarterbacks. Denver has Tim Tebow.

Galloway: Well, Houston's got (Matt) Schaub.

Engel: I don't think Houston's going to do it. The question is, should the Cowboys make a play for this guy?

Galloway: Yes.

Engel: I totally agree. You at least make the phone call.

Galloway: Here's why. You make the phone call whether you're interested in him or not. You make the phone call and you put even more heat on Tony Romo. When Tony picks up the phone, "Jerry, Jerry, what are you doing?" You don't even tell Romo you're going to do it. "Jerry, it's Tony. What is this?" You say, "Tony, we're exploring all options." And then you don't get it done, but you know what? The message is there.

Engel: Absolutely. This team didn't make the playoffs. They've been nothing more than average. If anybody out there is comfortable, then something's wrong, including No. 9.

Galloway: I like Tony Romo as a quarterback. But I'm putting heat on his butt, if I'm Jerry, I'm putting an acting job out there: We want Peyton Manning. You're not going to get him.

Engel: No, but you make the phone call and let everybody know out there that nobody's job is safe -- unless you're the GM.