Galloway and Big Mac: Don't be stupid, Josh

All-Star outfielder Josh Hamilton's comments last week that he doesn't owe the Rangers anything, in spite of the team's continued support through two very public relapses, didn't sit well with some fans. For his part, Hamilton said that fans didn't get the whole story and that of course he wants to stay in Texas when his contract expires at season's end.

Galloway and Big Mac took on the topic in this week's show, and offer some rather pointed advice to Mr. Hamilton.

Here are excerpts:

Randy Galloway: I know all heck broke loose over the last week over his comments out in spring training. But Josh has been saying this for a year, year and a half, and I've been in a huge disagreement with him for a year, year and a half. This (stuff) about, I don't owe the Rangers anything. I owe the baseball players union. Just treat me fair. OK, does Josh Hamilton owe the Rangers anything?

Mac Engel: Yeah, ideally he does. He's done his job extremely well. But he has also put them in a bind, and put them in a couple of really embarrassing positions. That's part of your job, too, is not putting your employer in embarrassing positions. Now, sometimes it happens. He does owe them a little bit above and beyond, because the Rangers have gone a little bit above and beyond. The union is not going to go a little bit above and beyond.

Galloway: Josh owes the Rangers a hundred percent in production. But you know what, you and me, for far less money than $13.7 million a year ... if a guy's paying you, you owe a hundred percent to that guy. You don't like your job, quit -- or you're going to get fired anyway if you're not giving a hundred percent. Josh can say oh well, I owe them a hundred percent. Yeah, you do. But everybody who's got a job owes that.

Josh owes the Rangers, based on everything that's gone on around here since he's been here. Josh owes the Rangers the courtesy of not saying, "I don't owe the Rangers anything." And that's what makes me mad, and I've told him this before. This isn't anything new. It makes him look stupid. It makes him look arrogant and it makes him look selfish.

Now, a lot of us are considered selfish and arrogant and stupid. But it's Josh Hamilton, a star, a giant of a public figure around here. Be smarter than that. Now, I think he finally got the message, because he says this on one day and the next two days out in Surprise, he was backtracking like crazy.

Big Mac: This is the funny thing about it. Josh can go and have a slip, a relapse, and put himself and the organization in an embarrassing situation. Stand before the media, beat himself to death, and take the blame with a big mea culpa, and everybody's on board. Yeah, Josh, we're right there with you, we're praying for you. Get better.

Then he says, I don't owe the Rangers anything, and it's, hey, hey, how dare you say that?

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