Galloway and Big Mac: Washed up?

The Mavericks are coming off a big win in a bizarre season that includes Charles Barkley's assertion that 33-year-old Dirk Nowitzki can no longer carry the team. Mac Engel and a special guest debate whether the big German still has it, and argue rather vehemently over who believed what about the Mavericks last season.

And while we're on the subject of being washed up, is it time to punt on Tony Romo?

Here are excerpts from this week's video:

Clarence E. Hill Jr. Clearly, Dirk has still got it. Clearly all the talk about his demise was, as they say, greatly exaggerated. He still has it.

He was injured, out of shape, as his coach said, as he kind of didn't want to admit. Dirk was out of shape coming into the season, but the shot is falling now, he has the sleeve off the knee, he's feeling good. When Dirk's good, the Mavericks are good.

One thing we found out last night (in the win over the L.A. Clippers) is that Dirk is still the gold standard of power forwards. Over the last week, the Mavericks have faced LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland), they've faced Kevin Love (Minnesota), they've faced Blake Griffin (Clippers). The Mavericks have won all three games. Dirk has been a part of that.

Mac Engel: The NBA's regular season is almost at the halfway point, and when you look at this team -- I'm right there with you on Dirk, but this team doesn't quite inspire the same amount of confidence as last year's bunch.

Clarence Hill: Stop. Who had confidence in last year's bunch? Going into the playoffs, no one thought last year's bunch was going to make that title run, OK?

Mac Engel: But in terms of the finished product ... if you look at this team right now, what concerns you?

Clarence Hill: Age. Their age. But they're finally healthy now, and they're playing a lot better. They're coming together. You're concerned about the age but the questions are about the contenders. Who can beat them?

Mac Engel: Ahmad Bradshaw went on the NFL Network this week and kinda popped off about our team and our quarterback. He said he doesn't think Tony Romo can win a Super Bowl quarterbacking this team. He said he doesn't think people believe in this guy. Do you think he's right?

Clarence Hill: Well, until you've done it. ... The bottom line is, how can you believe in something that hasn't happened?