TCU coach looking for urgency as fall camp closes

In 13 days, the 2011 TCU football team opens at Baylor and Gary Patterson is not happy.

A day after praising the Horned Frogs for starting to show some "chemistry," the TCU coach was dismayed by a lack of passion Friday.

The Frogs finished practice in the Sam Baugh Indoor Facility with sprints for the first time in over a year as Patterson demanded more urgency and leadership from his older players.

The team has shown some fatigue this week and Patterson has been intermittently happy and unhappy with practice. But fatigue is to be expected after 14 practices, mostly out in 100-degree heat, in a fall camp that ends with today's closed scrimmage.

"Who is going to be in the top 45 that I'm going to get on the bus with, and who wants to fight their tails off?" is what Patterson said he was looking for as camp began. "That's what I'm looking for right now. Who wants to be that group?"

Class begins Monday and the team is treating today as a mock game weekend -- which includes spending the night in an Arlington hotel and going through a travel-roster roll call after a typical Thursday practice. So we've decided to offer a snapshot of where the team stands, position by position:

A- Quarterback

Starter: Casey Pachall; Reserves: Matt Brown, Trevone Boykin

Comment: Pachall's recent absence from practice gave coaches several days to evaluate the backups' progress. Edge goes to Brown against the true freshman Boykin.

Patterson: "Our backups need to come on," he said early in camp. "Right now I don't feel comfortable about the next guy."

A Running back

Starter: Ed Wesley; Reserves: Matthew Tucker, Waymon James, Aundre Dean

Comment: All have looked strong in camp and will most likely continue to rotate like the last several seasons.

Patterson: "They'll have good years if we grow up on the offensive line. I think we've got four guys who could play at a lot of places."

A+ Receiver/Tight end

Starters: Josh Boyce, Antoine Hicks, Skye Dawson, Logan Brock (TE); Reserves: Brandon Carter, Cam White, Jonathan Jones, LaDarius Brown, Corey Fuller (TE)

Comment: The entire crew has looked extra sharp, including great camps from freshmen Carter, White and Brown.

Patterson: "I'm going to play the best guys. We always have" when asked how many of the five true freshman receivers will play in 2011.

C- Offensive line

Starters: Robert Deck, Kyle Dooley, James Fry, Blaize Foltz, Jeff Olson; Reserves: James Dunbar, Spencer Thompson, Eric Tausch, John Wooldridge, Ty Horn

Comment: Former TE Deck moved to OT this summer and is positioned to be the starter.

Patterson: "We're not very good right now except for one guy."

B Safety

Starters: Johnny Fobbs, Tekerrein Cuba, Trent Thomas; Reserves: Elisha Olabode, Sam Carter, Devin Johnson, Jonathan Anderson

Comment: Except for the two seniors, Fobbs and Cuba, there have been several switches and depth chart changes throughout camp.

Patterson: "At weak safety Devin Johnson has done OK, but Quincy [Aldridge] is pushing both of them pretty good."

B+ Linebacker

Starters: Tank Carder, Tanner Brock; Reserves: Kenny Cain, Kris Gardner

Comment: Both starters have taken some lumps in camp, allowing the deep bench a chance to shine.

Patterson: "Both Nos. 2s are pushing the Nos. 1s. Cain is having the best camp of anybody right now."

C Cornerback

Starters: Greg McCoy, Jason Verrett; Reserves: Travaras Battle, Kevin White

Comment: Verrett continues to impress after transferring this spring.

Patterson: "Verrett is the clear leader right now. We need Battle to come on."

A Defensive line

Starters: Stansly Maponga, D.J. Yendrey, Ray Burns, Braylon Broughton; Reserves: Ross Forrest, Jeremy Coleman, David Johnson, Jon Koontz, Cliff Murphy

Comment: Burns appears to have earned the nose tackle job, and Koontz has impressed at right end.

Patterson: "We need depth at defensive end, and if [Cliff Murphy and Jon Koontz] step up it will make us a lot better."

A Kicking/Punting

Starters: Ross Evans (PK), Anson Kelton (P)

Comment: Both seniors have looked great in August.

Patterson: "Anson is punting the ball better than I've ever seen him in camp. They're both acting like seniors are supposed to act."

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