Cowboys’ memo re: Tony Romo = no news

Jerry Jones knows how to make news even when there is no news. Just in time to steal headlines from the Rangers’ Opening Day and the national championship game, the Cowboys owner sent an email to the other 31 teams granting permission for them to contact Tony Romo.

But, Jones stressed, contract talk can only involve the renegotiation of Romo’s current deal.

Let’s all move along now. There is nothing to see here.

If any team was interested in trading for the quarterback, they already would have asked – and been given – that consent. No team has asked because no one is trading for Romo.

Everyone knows Romo will not return to the Cowboys. Dak Prescott is the starter. Romo does not see himself as a backup, and the Cowboys are not paying a backup quarterback $14 million anyway. Not to mention Romo and Jason Garrett’s relationship has deteriorated to the point where coach and quarterback don’t speak.

The Houston Texans, Denver Broncos and any other team that might have interest in Romo as a free agent are willing to wait rather than giving up a conditional draft choice or swapping spots in a round.

And what incentive does Romo have to renegotiate a contract with the highest salary cap hit in the league this season at $24.7 million? He can bide his time until he can negotiate a new deal with the team of his choice.

Romo might already have an idea where he’s going, and his suitors might have something of an idea, too.

What no one knows is when Jones finally gives up.

Jones said last week the Cowboys are in no rush to severe ties with Romo.

"There’s no waiting game," Jones said. "This is the off-season. We’re not missing doing anything. From the standpoint of the franchise and the Cowboys, nothing is being held up here at all. We don’t have anything imminent that’s pushing us."


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