Richard Greene

Leave top Democratic leaders alone

All kinds of initiatives are afoot to impeach, recall or remove the two top Democratic leaders in Congress.

To my conservative friends I say: Stop! Leave Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi alone!

Of all the things making the chances of Republican control of both houses better and better come November, nothing is helping any more than these two remarkable and mystifying individuals.

There has been speculation that Reid is ailing and shouldn’t be held responsible for his muddling behavior. How could that be?

Big staffs, smart people who write his speeches and others who must be assigned the task of keeping him from looking foolish surround the Senate’s most powerful Democrat.

I believe we should take him to mean exactly what he says.

When he takes to the Senate floor as he did in February and denounces Republican colleagues, describing their stories of terrible consequences experienced by Americans trying to get medical help under Obamacare for themselves or family members as “lies” paid for by “oil magnates,” he seems in full control.

He even punctuated his words via the air quotes gesture with his hands and arms.

A month later, he was back at the podium declaring he never came to the floor and said anything about how those stories were untrue. Basically he explained his February lies with fresh ones.

There’s a lot more like these episodes from Reid. Republican candidates across the land can ask the honest question of all voters: Is this the guy you want leading the majority of lawmakers in the Senate?

Across the Capitol at the House of Representatives we find Reid’s counterpart, Pelosi. Voters in Florida just replaced one of the members under her control with a Republican in what many see as a forecast of what’s coming in the midterm elections.

Pelosi is encouraging all Democrats to run on the success of Obamacare, saying it has done so much good for so many that it is a winning issue.

Defeated Florida Democrat Adelaide Alexander “Alex” Sink didn’t follow that advice. She promised to “fix” Obamacare. That turned out not to be enough for voters who have had enough of the new health insurance debacle.

Analysts say the most effective strategy of Sink’s opponent was to spotlight her close association with Pelosi as the architect of the legislation.

Still, Pelosi insists her colleagues “stand tall” to fully embrace Obamacare. I agree with her. All Democrats should follow her instructions.

As of the close of the enrollment period, even the president’s friends at USA Today question the claims of how many have signed up and how many have actually paid and joined the program.

Nor do we know how many have lost their insurance as a result of the new law. Most importantly, apparently no one knows for sure how many of those now enrolled were uninsured before Obamacare. That was the main reason for the new law, remember?

Last week’s Associated Press poll found that support for the law has dropped to a mere 26 percent of Americans.

The president’s own 38 percent approval rating for his handling of healthcare, along with the collapse of trust in all Democrats tied to it and to him, is a combination hard to beat for candidates promising to stop the breathtaking growth in federal power.

Please leave Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi alone. They are doing just fine.

Richard Greene is a former Arlington mayor and served as an appointee of President George W. Bush as regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency.