Richard Greene

Bernie Sanders & Co. come to Fort Worth selling tyranny, socialism snake oil

I’m glad Bernie Sanders came to town.

It’s one thing to see him from afar as he moves around the country declaring the president to be “dangerous,” but quite another to experience him up close and personal.

His appearance, as breathlessly reported over and over, is all part of the national focus on Texas as a state Democrats believe the 2020 presidential election could be decided.

Moreover, Tarrant County, the last urban area in the state to resist the transformation to a liberal stronghold, is ground zero in that strategy.

So, we will be seeing all the candidates, the latest being Robert Francis O’Rourke, and that will help to focus our attention on the consequences of Texas casting its electoral votes for President Trump’s Democratic opponent.

For that to happen, voters will have to embrace the destructive plans for our country’s future so clearly outlined last week by Vermont’s Sen. Sanders, who I want to focus on more than O’Rourke because, according to nearly all the polling, O’Rourke isn’t a viable candidate.

We would have to answer affirmatively to Sanders’ agenda that is so foreign to our founding principles if our state is to change course and carry the rest of the country with us.

Beyond the cheering and sign-waving smallish crowd gathered in Burnett Park, there are some stark realities of where he wants to take us that threatens even the most basic of our fundamental freedoms.

Wrapped in the appealing promise of free health care, free college, free housing, free food and more, it all sounds great to those who seem to have forgotten that none of that is ever going to be free.

But his answer to how it will be paid for is also popular with a great many people who fully embrace Bernie’s plan to get the money from corporations and rich people.

What we are experiencing is a clear plan to transform America into a socialist nation. And that’s not just a passing response to a self-described leftist; it is a real threat to our country’s survival.

If you doubt that, please identify for me any socialist form of government that has ever permanently improved the lives of people living under it.

The whole notion of millionaires and billionaires paying for the free stuff you think you will get should be viewed in the light of the reality so famously described by Great Britain’s legendary prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. She explained socialism is a form of government that continuously expropriates private capital until all the industry in the country has been nationalized or until the country’s economy has been run into the ground.

Speaking of her country’s economic crisis she was trying to turn around, she profoundly concluded, “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.”

That’s where Bernie Sanders and the rest of the collection of Democratic presidential candidates are planning to take us.

When you add to Sanders’ Marxist agenda his plans for open borders via a stubborn refusal to enforce our immigration laws — and allowing terrorists and child molesters to vote from prison — you come up with the reality of who actually poses the real danger to our future.

For those whose hatred for Donald Trump has blinded their view of the future, may I suggest a sober reflection of where we are headed if you can’t get past his many imperfections and send us down the road to ruin.

Encouragement to deter that outcome came from a couple of TCU students. One said he was there to greet Bernie and tell him socialism is not welcome here. Another declared the senator’s values don’t match with Texas values.

Their words deliver Democrats a message contrary to their plans to turn Tarrant County blue, and provide evidence that Texans remain committed to freedom from the tyranny of more federal power.

Richard Greene is a former Arlington mayor, served as an appointee of President George W. Bush as regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency and lectures at UT Arlington.