Richard Greene

How Democrats’ Green New Deal could help keep Tarrant, Texas, red

Trump: ‘My administration is putting an end to the war on coal.’

President Donald Trump signed a sweeping executive order changing most of President Obama’s climate change policies, March 28, 2017. “My administration is putting an end to the war on coal,” Trump said.
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President Donald Trump signed a sweeping executive order changing most of President Obama’s climate change policies, March 28, 2017. “My administration is putting an end to the war on coal,” Trump said.

With Democrats in Congress rushing to co-sponsor the Green New Deal announced last week, they may have ended all the premature celebration of conquering Texas as a Republican stronghold.

When the shock sets in of ending the use of fossil fuels in just 10 years, Tarrant County may take the point in the battle to put responsible, conservative adults firmly in charge of our federal government when votes are counted in the 2020 elections.

While many decried the initiative of socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, catapulted into prominence by the adoring leftist media, I say leave her alone.

And that admonition especially applies to all the Democratic presidential candidates eager to endorse her leading a revolution that will return our country to the glory days of the 18th century.

Let them advance what Mike Huckabee described as the enthusiasm of “titanic egos of all involved (that) crashed into the iceberg of reality the second the world got a gander of what they actually want to do.”

Exactly. I can’t think of anything more certain of removing any possibility that any of these people would ever win. So, let them run on this platform of destroying the American economy and the lives of countless Americans in the balance.

No other state is more at risk than our own if this Green New Deal, or any substantial part of it, were to actually become the law of the land. It certainly won’t before voters determine its fate in less than two years, but it could if the country loses its collective sanity.

In case you let it slip your mind, Texas supplies more than one-third of the oil that powers our entire country and much of the rest of the world. We are the leading natural gas producer among all the states, delivering a quarter of the nation’s supply of that clean energy source that has lifted the lives of countless ordinary citizens here and across the land.

The numbers, in a report from the Texas Workforce Commission, are truly staggering. Something close to 400,000 Texans are employed in the oil and gas industry. The total of salary and wages paid annually exceed $40 billion. And these are very good jobs, with average annual earnings for each of them approximating $120,000.

Tarrant County cities have seen the quality of life in their communities significantly enhanced by the bounty from natural gas production out of one of the largest shale gas formations in the country.

Arlington provides an example of the benefits that would have otherwise never been possible. Since the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation was created in 2007, almost $21 million, generated from the $100 million in banked natural gas revenues, has been contributed to almost 400 projects supporting public education, infant health care, and the work of non-profit organizations across the city.

One more thing apparently escaping notice from this clueless band of demagogues is last month’s annual report from the Department of Energy. That extensive study concludes our country must rely on a combination of fossil fuels and nuclear sources for 70 percent of the energy we need to power our economy and our daily lives through the year 2050.

Or maybe that’s irrelevant, since Ocasio-Cortez has informed us that life on our planet will cease in 12 years’ time.

But maybe that doesn’t matter either, given the findings that even if the entirety of the Green New Deal was to be implemented, world temperatures will remain about where they are now.

If we stay on this track, the radicalization of our society will have run its course in less than two short years and we can look forward to the restoration of freedom from politicians pandering to the hysteria of doomsday.

Richard Greene is a former Arlington mayor, served as an appointee of President George W. Bush as regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency and lectures at UT Arlington.