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Sid Miller deplores vulgar tweet, but not the alt-right behind it

Miller called the tweet “inadvertent.”
Miller called the tweet “inadvertent.” Handout photo

Texas Republicans are wading in infested waters, and wouldn’t you know Agriculture Commssioner Sid Miller would be first to get snakebit?

Donald Trump’s “biggest cheerleader” in Texas, Miller turned a staffer loose in the violently racist and chauvinist world of alt-right Twitter, and wound up embarrassed by a tweet under his name calling Hillary Clinton only “C---.”

Miller, a Stephenville cowboy rancher who hands out Bibles and quotes scripture, said Tuesday he didn’t know anything about the tweet, doesn’t know the vulgar, anti-Semitic “Ricky Vaughn” account it was copied from, and doesn’t know anything about a white racist movement supporting Trump.

When Sid Miller says he does not know anything, trust him.

Neither Miller nor campaign consultant Todd M. Smith of Austin identified the staffer who cut-and-pasted “Vaughn’s” tweet about a new Pennsyvania poll: “TRUMP 44 C---  43.”

“Vaughn,” a pseudonym, uses the word often, and he and Miller have exchanged tweets since Thursday. Miller told the online Texas Tribune Monday he is writing his own tweets, apparently including “Crooked is going to get us into a war. She’s a warmonger.”

When a reader questioned Miller tweeting to “the most notorious alt-right [on] Twitter,” Miller replied, “I don’t tolerate Jew haters,” but later asked, “Is Megyn Kelly Jewish?” Miller also went along with a comment mocking Gov. Rick Perry.

It’s despicable and vulgar.

Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller on the word used on his Twitter account

By phone late Tuesday, Miller said he had been in meetings Tuesday and told a staffer to “prowl around and if you find anything interesting, retweet it.”

He said the word was “nothing that I would ever approve of — it’s despicable and vulgar.”

Yet he claimed to know nothing about the despicable and vulgar alt-right movement.

“I think it’s something the liberal media made up,” he said: “I mean, who are they talking about? Skinheads? I don’t really know anything about them and I probably don’t care to. It’s not something I’m going to follow.”

I don’t really know anything about them and I probably don’t care to.

Miller on the alt-right movement

Smith, Miller’s campaign consultant, originally said the account had been hacked. Smith’s explanation: “I can barely work Facebook.”

Miller has crossed the line into race and gender bias before without anyone else’s help.

In 2012, when Miller was considering a race for Congress, he called an African-American candidate, Michael Williams of Arlington, a “carpetbagger.”

In 2015, he shared a post on Facebook about nuking the “Muslim world.” Last year, he compared Syrians fleeing unrest to rattlesnakes.

Fox News identified Miller this week as a Trump advisor on “border security and guns.”

Did I mention that his campaign treasurer is Ted Nugent?

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