Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

TCU celebrates after beating Texas A&M 4-1 in a Super Regional tournament baseball game June 12 in College Station.
TCU celebrates after beating Texas A&M 4-1 in a Super Regional tournament baseball game June 12 in College Station. AP

Cheers: To the Texas Christian University baseball team for the dramatic Super Regional win at Texas A&M. The underdog Horned Frogs rose up to beat the Aggies and their 12th Man in a hostile environment of Aggies with all of their boisterous chants and bubble machines. On to Omaha and the College World Series. Go, Frogs!

Joe Blackwell, Bedford


Cheers: To Jeff England of Jeff England Motor Co. in Cleburne for another fair and straightforward purchase! Well worth the short drive south. Thank you.

Lee Hertel, Keller


Cheers: To the generous lady at the Wal-Mart on South Hulen Street for giving the cashier money to pay for my purchases on May 25, with instructions to give me the change. Guess she knows about too much month at the end of the money. Thanks and blessings to you, kind, generous lady.

Carlene Gerlich, Edgecliff


Cheers: To the students at Trophy Club schools for giving presents to their crossing guards.

David Templeton Long, Trophy Club


Cheers: To the family who paid for our meal at Denny’s. We have paid it forward with a donation to Feed the Children.

Elsie and Robert DeSantis, Arlington


Cheers: To the family who paid for our meal at the Abuelo’s restaurant on Hulen Street on May 19. May your kindness come back to you tenfold. Thank you.

Robert Campbell,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the police, firefighters and paramedics who responded when I was involved in an accident in December (less than a block from home). Special cheers to the lady who brought me a towel and to the gentleman who stayed with me until my friends arrived to take me to the emergency room.

JoAnn Spruell, Joshua


Cheers: To Superintendent Kent Scribner and the Fort Worth school district for keeping fear-mongers in their place and making sure tolerance is taught and practiced in school every day.

Mike Smith, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the bicyclist on the Trinity Trails between Oakmont Park and the Art Cowsen Trailhead who was shoveling mud and water off of the path. It was so nice to have the muck cleared. Thank you for your hard work in keeping the trail clean. Very much appreciated!

Debby Bevan, Fort Worth


Jeers: To the water department for using a punitive method to calculate wastewater usage when you try to conserve on water use.

Lloyd Munro, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Western Exterminating in Haltom City. I feared the noises in my attic were from a squirrel nest. The tech found no rodent activity and surmised that it was perhaps a bird nest that would soon be vacated. No service charge, and since he left, we’ve heard no more noises. You can’t go wrong with these folks!

J.W. Robbins, Haltom City


Cheers: To our “sunrise angel,” who has once again paid for the Edge Park United Methodist Church singles breakfast. We really appreciate it. From all your grandmothers.

Mary Lewis, Fort Worth


Jeers: To Dean & DeLuca for deleting “Colonial” from the name of the invitational golf tournament after 70 years. Won’t be buying any baskets.

Dwight Heard, Fort Worth


Cheers: To all of the people at French Lake Park who tried to help me when I fell on May 24. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. My leg is getting better and I hope to be at the park again soon.

Marilyn Gabler,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To a child care facility. The worst idea is to have a forced picnic! To feed us awful boxed lunches again. You want people to be motivated and this is not how to do it! So sad. Shame on you! Sad workers.

Laura Evans, Azle


Cheers: To the graduates of Kennedale High School whose commencement was held June 4 at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Way to go, Wildcats!

Sondra Harrel, Arlington


Jeers: To a Fort Worth restaurant that doesn’t take reservations for groups smaller than 20 and didn’t explain we couldn’t be seated until all arrived. We took a table for two to wait, but the owner came over and had us go back to the entrance.

Larry Richards,

Trophy Club


Jeers: To inconsiderate drivers. I’m amazed at how many people drive in rainy weather without their car lights on. Please educate them. It’s about care and consideration for other road users. The lights are not to help you see; they’re to help us see you.

Roger Greenwood,



Cheers: To a Grapevine police officer who came to my house on a Sunday morning and got rid of a very dead and very big raccoon. I’m so sorry I didn’t get your name, but thank you very much.

Jan LaPine, Grapevine


Cheers: To the Yellow Cab taxi driver I saw on Vega Drive on a recent weekend trying to rescue a large turtle that was at risk of being run over. Thanks for taking the time to save one of Mother Nature’s creatures.

Kathleen Evans,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Tommy Love, Texas Christian University assistant athletics director for business operations, upon his retirement after 42 years of dedicated service. Cheers also to Haley Schoolfield for being named Equestrian National Coach of the Year as TCU finished second at the national championships. Thank you for all you do for TCU.

Richard Sybesma,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Encompass Hospice Care for the attention given to my wife during the last few days of her life. The nurses (Greg and Daniel) were caring people who treated her with dignity and compassion. I would recommend this company to all who have the need for hospice care.

George G. Grim, Watauga


Cheers: To the KXAS/Channel 5 weather reporters for now predicting a full 10-day forecast. It really helps to plan events! Thanks.

Ellen J. Chase, Fort Worth


Jeers: To the Tarrant Appraisal District for raising residential land value 100 percent and lowering improved value 6.5 percent, so appraised value stays within the maximum total increase allowed of 10 percent. Very shady, sneaky math practices.

Rick Nieting, Fort Worth


Jeers: To an office on Campus Drive for blocking almost all of the handicapped parking spaces. Jeers also to the curly-haired female employee in a blue T-shirt and tan shorts who was rude when I explained I had multiple sclerosis. She said, “I have back problems.” Not the same!

Sandy Myers, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the kind folks who paid for my meal at a Sonic Drive-In in Grapevine upon seeing my Vietnam veteran cap. Nice to be remembered for my service.

Bruce W. Rider, Grapevine


Jeers: To to those who promote cigar smoking. The tobacco drug and its pushers kill 1,400 American addicts and another 180 innocent citizens (exposed to toxic tobacco smoke) every day. What’s next, a story about a local heroin peddler?

David Fusco, Arlington


Cheers: To the graduating class of Everman High School for its 100 percent graduation rate! The Everman school district is most proud of this distinction, once again, for its students. Jeers to the adult entertainment club whose sign near the exit to Everman reads “Now hiring class of 2016.”

Mary Balch, Burleson


Jeers: To an animal clinic. Flea protection was never recommended. My dog has been very sick. I have spent tons of money. More vet bills to another vet, not including Terminix. I requested a refund. The vet refused.

Mary Orloff, Mansfield


Cheers: To Davina Nichols and her committee members for all of their hard work. They all contributed to Keller High School’s Project Graduation 2016 and made it a huge success.

Emily Martin, Keller


Cheers: To some members of the Arlington oligarchy who, through their pronouncements regarding the new ballpark proposal, have the courage to reveal themselves not as the fiscal conservatives they claim to be but rather as big, liberal spenders against whom they so often rail.

Roger Summers, Arlington