Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

Bruce Slone of Chick-fil-A on Hulen Street puts in donated cash as officers J.E. Musquiz and J.A. Pennington look on.
Bruce Slone of Chick-fil-A on Hulen Street puts in donated cash as officers J.E. Musquiz and J.A. Pennington look on.

Cheers: To the Mansfield Police Officers Association for joining the fundraiser for wounded Fort Worth police officer Matt Pearce and to Chick-fil-A.

Carolyn Martini,



Cheers: To the organizers of the T-shirt sale to support officer Matt Pearce. I got to the Chick-fil-A in Westworth Village at about 6:30 p.m. and the cars were parked in the dirt field behind the store. Too bad they ran out of shirts in my size early.

Michael Green,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Target and In-N-Out Burger for closing on Easter. I appreciate the respect they are showing for their associates and customers.

Charlotte Cooksey,



Cheers: To Hill School students and faculty for planting daffodils last fall in the “P Patch” in Trinity Park! Cheers to Stacey and Valerie, Queens of the Daffodils from Streams and Valleys!

Richard Zavala,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Micah Willis, a deaf Arlington Martin High School football player, and his devoted interpreter, Gary Claunch. I have met a lot of heroic people and Micah Willis and Gary Claunch are two more heroes.

Fred Gregory, Killeen


Cheers: To Christopher Blizzard at the Rave Cinemas at Ridgmar Mall! Thank you for taking special care of two very appreciative seniors.

George Ann Carter Bahan,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the women from Texas Christian University who came to a family restaurant dressed like they were attending a hookers’ convention.

Rosemary Hayes,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To a Watauga police officer who searched a vehicle, found nothing and then wrote a speeding ticket.

Christine Noren-Gentry, North Richland Hills


Jeers: To those who use terms such as martinis, shooters and spritzers for children’s nonalcoholic drinks.

Bill Daneke, Mansfield


Cheers: To those who paid for us at Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store and the Kroger store and for two of us at the Luby’s cafeteria on Hulen Street.

Junene Johnson, Fort Worth


Jeers: To the person who made an obscene gesture on East First Street between Oakland Boulevard and Beach Street.

Mike Estes, Fort Worth


Jeers: To the local TV stations for not mentioning the Mavs at the University of Texas at Arlington. They had a great record.

Paul Goyne, Arlington


Jeers: To those who humiliated a person at a meeting on White Settlement Road. Many of us did not like the cruelty.

Sharon Brady, Fort Worth


Jeers: To the hospitalist system. A hospitalized patient used to see a doctor before 9 a.m. Now we wait hours.

Patty Nelson, Fort Worth


Jeers: To Fort Worth and a waste-disposal company for sending trucks through Grandview that dump sludge.

Luanne Langley,



Cheers: To student Deborah Figueroa Roman at Leonard Middle School. She comes in at lunch and after school to work on projects.

Stuart Sumner, Fort Worth


Jeers: To a custom homebuilder for keeping my home plans when I declined his contract.

Pamela Morris, Fort Worth


Jeers: To all those who buy other people’s meals. If those people came to a restaurant, they can afford to pay. Give to those in need.

Dennis Young,

Blue Mound


Cheers: To Southlake for adding cameras to police uniforms. Now raise the pay.

Louis Braun, Southlake


Jeers: To a campaign for a “legacy baby.” That money would be better spent to help others not as well off.

Christine August, Haslet


Jeers: To a big-box retailer on North Tarrant Parkway for putting gluten-free items at the end of the bread aisle. Please move them. I am very sensitive and have to hold my breath.

Emily Hester, Keller


Jeers: To a local hospital that expanded but didn’t hire enough staff. The emergency room holds patients while new rooms and floors sit unused.

Steven Young,

Grand Prairie


Jeers: To a North Richland Hills store for letting shoplifters go. No wonder it runs out of specials.

Suzanne Stacy, Colleyville


Jeers: To the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra for overpriced kid-friendly events. The Dallas Symphony does terrific operettas for $5. Cheers to the musicians’ union.

Paul R. Schattman,



Jeers: To the manager of a chain discount superstore in Arlington who keeps changing the policy on matching prices.

Jawdat Kawasmi,

Grand Prairie


Jeers: To a delivery driver who put a package in our mailbox instead of at the door. Jeers also to the post office for not being able to find it.

Sharon Austry, Fort Worth


Jeers: To an auditorium manager who made me move out of my wheelchair and into the ticketed seat. It was so uncomfortable we left.

Jane McGee, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Paschal High School for winning a very tough soccer district.

Beatrice Townsend,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Mayor Jeff Williams and the Chamber of Commerce of Arlington for the inaugural Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. I look forward to seeing such events that represent the diversity of religion in Arlington.

Chad Riley, Arlington


Cheers: To Charles and Dar Jackson. It’s so nice to have our paper at our door. Thanks from the Wards, Andrews, Groffs and Kinmans.

Terry Ward, Arlington


Cheers: To the Chuckwagon Restaurant, Waleed “Sam” Abdeljalil and staff for inviting our Ninth Grade Center functional life skills and vocational training classes. Great service, delicious food.

Diana Ulrickson,



Cheers: To Barry Rubin and Walter Anderson at American Auto Salvage. Barry was on vacation but let me know what was going on and when my car would be fixed.

Joylita Richardson,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To whoever is responsible for construction work on Cooper Street in Arlington. The surface was removed and medians were installed, but then work stopped.

Tom Quesnel, Arlington


Cheers: To Kay Trammell and the folks at Green Oaks Physical Therapy in Arlington. They’re trying to get me to where I can walk again after an awful auto accident.

Jack Vaughan, Arlington


Cheers: To retired pediatrician Dr. Daniel Geppert for nearly two decades of treating our sons. You always provided outstanding treatment and guidance.

Rebecca Lucero, Arlington


Cheers: To KDFW/Channel 4 for the Palm Sunday presentation of The Passion. We were impressed by Tyler Perry’s narration.

Jim and Nance Flick, Keller


Cheers: To the Hurst sanitation workers who pick up our trash and recycling. No matter the weather, they are efficient and careful to clean up. They met me with a smile when I ran to the truck.

Karen Medlin, Hurst


Cheers: To the couple with the baby at Jay Jay’s Cafe on Little Road in Arlington on March 24. They paid for the lunch of six old guys who are all Vietnam War combat vets with Purple Hearts.

Bob Nieckarz, Arlington


Cheers: To the “younger people” who have patience with the “older people” whose necks do not work any longer when moving out or backing out of a parking space.

Dan Lee Smallwood,



Jeers: To the jerk in the faded red pickup who passed in a no-passing lane on Farm Road 730 at Silver Creek Elementary School. My wife was coming from the other direction.

Greg Scarborough, Azle


Cheers: To the Arlington Fire Department medics. Thanks to them, I am alive, although I’m badly bruised.

Ronald Weston, Arlington