Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Crowds gathered at AT&T Stadium in Arlington for the Harvest America event on March 6.
Crowds gathered at AT&T Stadium in Arlington for the Harvest America event on March 6. Harvest America

Jeers: To the media for the the lack of attention given to the overwhelming crowd of more than 350,000 attending or watching the Harvest America event at AT&T Stadium. Christianity was placed on the back burner to quarterback Johnny Manziel being dropped by the Cleveland Browns.

Becki Hutchison,

North Richland Hills


Cheers: To the Fort Worth Zoning Commission for recommending approval of an enlarged Stockyards historical district, based on a more recent survey of the district, and unopposed by the Holt Hickman family and Majestic Realty. Both the Fort historic and zoning commissions hand the Fort Worth City Council recommendations to approve on April 5. Why would the City Council do anything but approve?

Paul Hunter, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the staff at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center who took care of my son during his recent surgery. They were always making sure that his needs were taken care of, always checking his vitals and other needs. I believe in angels.

Elizabeth Moore,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Crown of Life Lutheran Church and School for allowing our members with disabilities to hold our talent show at their facility. They felt like rock stars and everyone had a blast! Special cheers to Dave Rudko, who volunteered his time and assistance. North Texas SNAP (Special Needs Assistance Partners) appreciates your support!

Linda Eady, Southlake


Cheers: To Hurst Gold & Silver for the beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness earring the store designed especially for me. It came complete with pink diamonds. Thank you, Andrew.

Connie Brown, Euless


Jeers: To those who do not follow the current opinions on the harmfulness of fatty dairy products and salty foods. These products are now viewed as far less harmful or even healthy as a part of a healthy diet.

Stephen Furnas,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the staff at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest during my wife’s hospitalization Feb. 1-21 on the third and fifth floors. They were terrific and very professional, as well as very gentle and caring to both me and my wife, Betty. There are too many to name. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Edwin Welch, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the city of North Richland Hills for having the fortitude to do the right thing by placing “In God We Trust” on the new facility. I believe that the majority of us agree and it’s time that the majority was heard!

Susie Ferguson,

North Richland Hills


Cheers: To the gentleman who paid for lunch for two senior ladies at the IHOP restaurant at Bryant Irvin Road and Interstate 20 on March 11. Thank you and God bless.

Dacie Brandon and Ruth Shelton, Crowley


Jeers: To the man at the post office on Bryant Irvin Road who called me a “liberal a-hole” when I responded to his accusing a Muslim gentleman of trying to create trouble. I noted that the man was only trying to pick up his held mail.

Paul Hartman, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the two young women who paid for our breakfast at West Side Café on March 12. This was totally unexpected and a first for us! We paid it forward!

Jerry an Peggy Syrus,


Cheers: To the wonderful man who bought my supper at the Luby’s cafeteria on Northeast Loop 820. May God bless you!

Lisa Gurney, Fort Worth


Jeers: To a driveway repair company for a scam I should have caught. They have my $700 and I have a driveway that the crew messed up. Expect a visit from the authorities in the near future.

Larry Kimsey,



Cheers: To Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center on Eighth Avenue in Fort Worth. The care, kindness and professionalism shown to me by the intensive care unit and emergency room staff are much appreciated.

Curtis Autrey, Burleson


Cheers: To Cecil who paid for lunch for two grateful ladies at the Golden Corral buffet in Richland Hills. We will pay it forward. God bless you!

Sandy Hardwick,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To USMD Hospital in Fort Worth for the wonderful care during my husband’s recent surgery and short stay. A great friendly staff, especially nurse Sylvia Gayle. She is outstanding.

Jerri Watt, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Dennis McFarlin at Blue Mesa Grill for donating a catered luncheon at Lowery Road Elementary School. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised from the luncheon were donated to a student’s family to help buy a wheelchair conversion van. Thank you for your gracious generosity.

Julie Brown, Flower Mound


Jeers: To a mobility company that installed a lift in my husband’s van for $1,300 and then refused to buy it back as promised upon his demise. Cheers to Advanced Mobility Systems on Beach Street in Fort Worth for uninstalling it free of charge.

Claudette Wallace,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To all law enforcement officers. You have sworn to protect and serve the rest of us doing a job that is very dangerous and mostly thankless. God bless each of you for all you do for our community.

Bill Tucker, Fort Worth


Cheers: To to the Silo Elves who made Christmas special with their Christmas trees and a star that were lighted and visible for miles away! Really made Christmas fun! Cheers also to the Stockyards as the area was decorated for Christmas when we had family members visiting during Thanksgiving week. Really so much fun playing tourist in your own hometown!

Steven Janecka, Saginaw


Cheers: To a parent who gave me a brand-new coat when I was out on my post as a school crossing guard at Seminary Hills Park Elementary School.

Donnell Ballard,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Brenda and Cindy who work in the dining hall at Texas Christian University. Every morning they greet students by name with a warm smile and kind words. Starting the day by seeing them brightens my morning and ensures that I will have a good day.

Patrick Hornung,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Deane Taylor, an outstanding, beautiful Christian lady who works as a pharmacist at the Walgreens on Central Drive in Bedford. She greets everyone with a smile and will go out of her way to help anyone. The world needs many more like her in it. Thanks for always being kind.

Marla and John

McKittrick, Bedford


Cheers: To Tricia Powell! After teaching 40 years, she received the Teacher of the Year Award at Martha Reid Elementary School in Mansfield. Well deserved!

Judy and Paul Weinstein, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the kind and generous manager at O’Reilly Auto Parts on East Belknap Street. He honored me, a disabled veteran, by not charging me for my purchase. God bless you. It’s great to honor the veterans who served our country.

Robert Melton, Fort Worth


Cheers: To a Fort Worth city worker who was installing new curbs on West Central Avenue. The wind blew over my recycling cart and debris was strewn everywhere. He picked up the cart and helped gather things. I’m sorry I didn’t ask his name, but thank you.

Shirley Camp, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Leroy, the greeter at the Wal-Mart store in Benbrook. He doesn’t miss anyone, coming or going.

Edith Hodges, Benbrook


Cheers: To the Haltom City family who opened their home for tours on March 5-6 in benefit of the Birdville Museum. Cheers also to the Birdville Historical Society staff for all the hard work for a successful two days. And thanks to all who supported the museum by attending.

Pat Davenport,

Haltom City


Cheers: To a major telecommunications company for not being able to get my Internet running as it should. My phone lines cut off sporadically at any time. When the phone lines go down, my computer and iPad go offline. You would think that after three months and 10 technicians they could get the problem solved.

Effie Foster, Arlington