Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

TCU Horned Frogs quarterback Trevone Boykin knelt to talk to 7-year-old Iowa State fan Abby Faber on Oct. 17.
TCU Horned Frogs quarterback Trevone Boykin knelt to talk to 7-year-old Iowa State fan Abby Faber on Oct. 17. Star-Telegram

Cheers: To Texas Christian University quarterback Trevone Boykin. The photo of him taking time to say a few words to 7-year-old Abby Faber before the Iowa State game in Ames, Iowa, was all over the Internet. When a lot of college football players are getting into trouble, it’s great to see a player with class.

Roy Conner, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Trevone Boykin. Besides being an incredible athlete, you are a caring, young man who graciously took the time to acknowledge and speak to a little girl in a wheelchair. What a class act! Cheers as well, to Paul Moseley, the photographer who captured the moment.

Karen Kologe, Fort Worth


Jeers: To sports columnist Randy Galloway for not yet writing his apology letter to Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels for all the shots he has taken at him. Cheers to Randy if it’s taking him time to find the words for eating crow.

Brad Lessem, Arlington


Cheers: To the fine folks at Oncor who were out trying to restore power in my neighborhood before this past weekend’s storms even stopped! I saw them late Friday evening and again on Saturday morning. You are much appreciated!

Kathleen Evans,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the Pantego resident who tried to hit my dog with a baseball bat. You saw that I had a broken leg and was in a wheelchair. I explained that the dog got out by accident. You refused to help and just yelled at me and acted violently.

Katherine Wilson, Pantego


Cheers: To Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting on Hulen Street in Fort Worth for taking such good care of my uncle’s car. We took the car there for a touch-up on the paint job. They did a great job and finished in one day instead of the estimated two days. Good price, quality work and great customer service.

Joe Dickerson, Fort Worth


Jeers: To people whose trash cans are always overfull, especially with dirty disposable diapers. Overfull trash cans do not get picked up and the dirty diapers are a biohazard. Please make sure the lid of your trash can fits snugly or order an additional trash can.

Marilyn Gabler,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the lady, dining with her two sons on Oct. 15 at China Town Restaurant on Airport Freeway in Bedford, who paid for my lunch. It was greatly appreciated and I thank you. It was a compliment that I reminded you of your late mother.

Erlenne Brownlee, Bedford


Cheers: To Dawn Shepherd for her steadfast devotion to the Texas Rangers and her service as coordinator for the Community Crossroads in Fort Worth, hosted by First Presbyterian Church. Dawn helps folks get connected with organizations for assistance, asking only for a little respect. We salute you, Dawn.

Pam Weaver, Fort Worth


Jeers: To a professional window-cleaning company that advertises “squeaky clean windows.” The job was amateurish and not completed, but a promise was made to return the next day to finish. After nine days of calling, no one showed up.

Tom Farmer, Hurst


Jeers: To a lawn sales and service shop. I took my mower in to have the starting mechanism repaired and instead got a tuneup, new blade and an injured hand when I tried to start it. They refused to refund my money or fix the starter.

Karen James, Granbury


Cheers: To the few people who pick up after their dogs at the North Richland Hills parks and trails. I guess it’s just too difficult for the many who don’t, and they’re probably the same people who find it too difficult to raise a finger to use their car blinkers. There are health and safety issues with both.

Charles Clines,

North Richland Hills


Cheers: To the beautiful young lady who came to my rescue when my car died on Hulen Street. The world is a better place because she is in it.

Pauline Blossom,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Don Box, Poly High School Class of 1959, for bringing his 1967 Mustang convertible for me to ride in at Poly’s homecoming parade. Don, Jack Wallace and I sang the Poly alma mater as we rode through the neighborhood streets. Thanks to all who came and supported us.

Ruby Smithers Bressman, Poly Class of 1961, Benbrook


Jeers: To the person who hit my husband’s brand-new red Mini Cooper in southwest Fort Worth and didn’t leave a note. Shame on you, you coward, for causing $4,000 in damages!

Debra J. Carney,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the cast and crew at the Onstage Theatre in Bedford for the wonderful performance of Stephen Sondheim’s Company. All of the singers and musicians were very professional in their roles. Applause also for the “encore” performance after the play had ended.

Jeanette Powers, Arlington


Cheers: To Sean Giles, who works hard to be the type of player who helps the Lone Star Brahmas win hockey games 6-1 and wins the admiration of fans of the opponent. Cheers also to coaches Wildfong and Potter for helping this young man develop his skills. Go Brahmas!

Glenda Bradley,



Cheers: To Stephen Carter of the Texas Farm Bureau for being super responsive and compassionate in handling an insurance claim. He provided answers and solutions and made me feel that Farm Bureau had my back. He’s a real good guy to handle your insurance.

Maureen Appell, Boyd


Cheers: To Ron Wright, Tarrant County tax assessor-collector, who had the courage to insist that “In God We Trust” be emblazoned on every piece of a recent mailing. Too bad it was a tax bill, but the words made paying taxes a little less, well, taxing. Right on, Ron!

Judith Werner, Cedar Hill


Jeers: To Ron Wright. I have a real problem writing checks for my taxes to a man who would put a wonderful and giving organization like the United Way in a negative light. This person needs to be replaced ASAP.

Robert Mills, Hurst


Jeers: To Ron Wright and Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen. I hope Arlington and county constituents remember your hateful stand when election time rolls around again.

Frances Gregory, Arlington


Jeers: To the North Texas Tollway Authority and the others that built of the new North Loop 820 interchange. Still sending two lanes from 820 and two lanes from Texas 183 into the interchange at the Northeast Mall area to go west. Why didn’t they build an overhead ramp to the West Loop 820 express lanes?

Stephen P. Randles,

North Richland Hills


Cheers: To Brook, assistant general manager at Hulen Movie Tavern. He provided amazing customer service and a very enjoyable experience for three moviegoers.

Vicki Giles, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Fort Worth police officer Stephens, who was wonderful to me after my accident on Oct. 14 on Rosedale Street. He made sure I wasn’t hurt, arranged a tow truck and look me to the location where I was expected. Thanks, Officer Stephens.

Mary N. Clarke,



Cheers: To the Hospice Plus Arlington crew. Not only do they provide outstanding hospice services, they volunteer for all of the residents at our nursing facility. They are truly a great and caring group of people!

Christy Ford,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Pat Taylor, a faithful, thoughtful and efficient mail carrier. May God bless you, Pat.

Loraine Atkinson,



Cheers: To the wonderful and honest person(s) who found and turned in my purse at the American Airlines Center on Sept. 18 after the Garth Brooks concert. After looking everywhere for it, I took a chance and called lost and found. I was ecstatic when I was told they had it. Everything was intact. Sorry I can’t thank the finder in person.

Liz Ellis, Arlington


Cheers: To J.P. and the service department at Huggins Honda! The time estimate they gave me for repairs was accurate, and they called me with updates when promised. J.P. even negotiated with Honda to get me a much reduced price for an expensive part! They always do top-notch, conscientious work!

Laura Kruger, Keller