Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

hCheers: To the staff and management at Britezone Car Wash, who found and returned my lost engagement ring. God bless you all. Your exemplary customer service and honesty are truly inspiring. Thank you!

— Demetris McDowell, Fort Worth

iJeers: To the maintenance company in Arlington for charging me $115.75 to change a burned-out light bulb. It took the guy 10 minutes to change the bulb. And I had the bulb. Shame on you!

— Betty O’Dell, Arlington

hCheers: To the Bedford officers who pulled me over. Thank you for not messing up my car or my belongings during the search. I am thankful that there are still some of you who are respectful to citizens.

— Amy Benson, Keller