Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: To ESPN for being in downtown Fort Worth at Sundance Square. It was so nice. So many people were there. Fort Worth showed the true spirit. I love the Final Four. Keep up the good work, Fort Worth.

— Donnell Ballard, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the Rangers fans who littered Shannon Stone’s memorial with beer cans and other containers. Fans made a statement — that they are rude and inconsiderate. Shame on them.

— Anne L. Hogue-Boucher,

Kennesaw, Ga.

Cheers: To Ernie Horn of Score a Goal in the Classroom. Thanks for sponsoring the TCU Reading Festival March 22. Our children came back fired up about reading. I appreciate all you do for the children of North Texas. You are truly a super hero working for the good of our children.

— Lear Linton, principal,

Carroll Peak Elementary School,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Animal Hospital & Clinic of Arlington for the loving care they are providing for Riley, the abused puppy found by Euless police. Many thanks to Dr. Riley and his amazing staff. May Riley soon recover physically and emotionally and be adopted by a loving family.

— Julie Murphy, Arlington

Cheers: To the Mansfield Hockey Association's coaches, student-athletes and parents for displaying passion, character, integrity and respect on the ice and in the stands and letting the scoreboard do the talking.

— Karen White-Dacy, Fort Worth

Cheers: To veterinarians Dr. Bob Denton, Dr. Tayrien, Sophie, Nicole, Samantha and the entire staff at Deer Creek Animal Hospital (Crowley) for 19 years of exceptional care of my beloved dogs Princess and Cleopatra. They continue to provide wonderful care for my daughters’ pups, Reina and Duchess. Y’all are the best.

— M. C. Hundley, Burleson

Jeers: To Westboro Baptist Church and other Christian fundamentalists for their lack of commitment to the Bible by not actively protesting and damning the abomination known as Lobsterfest at certain seafood restaurants. Leviticus 11:10-12.

— Larry Gwaltney, Fort Worth

Cheers: To congressional Democrats who joined with Republicans to try to get President Obama to rescind Medicare Advantage cuts in his healthcare law. And cheers to seniors who will petition the president and elected officials to permit their Medicare funds to be returned.

— Joseph Ansley, Fort Worth

Cheers: To James Butler, aka Wild Bill Hickok, for his true Western flair and Southern hospitality at Fort Worth Stockyards during my brother and sister-in-law's visit from Indiana. He not only shared his history with us, but he promoted several other attractions for us to enjoy as well.

— Sheila Burger, Grand Prairie

Jeers: To Casa Mañana Theatre for not waiving the $10 fee per ticket to change the date when we couldn’t get there because of the ice storm March 2.

— Ione Hinshaw, Arlington

Cheers: To the Dallas Mavericks basketball team for their terrific defensive effort against the Los Angeles Clippers April 3. If they continue showing this aggressive attitude in the playoffs, they could possibly go all the way.

— Jack Lambert, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the memory of KXAS/Channel 5 weatherman Harold Taft. Someone jeered the area weather anchors last week. I remember Taft saying that they didn’t forecast the weather, but the conditions which are subject to change.

— Barbara Brady, Joshua

Cheers: To American Legion Post 655 of Haltom City for renting out its building to raise funds for the Boys State Fund. Boys State is a Legion scholarship program to promote good citizenship among deserving young men by allowing them to learn the principles of good government.

— Mike Gori, Haltom City

Cheers: To Computer Care in Arlington where I took my laptop needing repair. Although the repair was minor, the owner waived the flat fee when he learned I was a member of the Patriot Guard Riders. I was dumbfounded and left talking to myself. The staff was courteous and professional.

— Dan Mathys, Arlington

Cheers: To the Rosemont Junior Cadet Corps, who performed at the nationals this past weekend and blew us away. They placed in every category and placed third overall. These students have been giving up so much of their time practicing six days a week. They have had a very successful year.

— Senior Chief Toney Turner

and Petty Officer Janice

Sharpton, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Tarrant County College Collegian student newspaper on being named “Best College Non-Daily in Texas” by the Associated Press Managing Editors.

— Louise Appleman, Fort Worth

Cheers: To 6 Stones and the city of Hurst. They came last Friday and Saturday — fixed the wood on my house and shed, painted and landscaped front and back yard. Heartfelt thanks to all who volunteered and did such a loving job.

— Harriett Wright, Hurst

Jeers: To the company maintaining power lines that does a poor job in our area. They cut trees back to the point they look like a tornado did the trimming. They must do it so they can maintain power, but April 3, from 5:50 to 10:35 p.m. no power in Arlington south of Interstate 20 and east of U.S. 287. What excuse now?

— Charles Clay, Arlington

Cheers: To Tarrant County College for being known nationally and internationally as a good place to get a college degree. Yearly costs are about $1,000 compared to $10,000 or more at many colleges.

— Sissy Cox, Fort Worth

Jeers: To whoever made the decision to allow Chesapeake Energy to drain water from Lake Worth for fracking. The City Council voted for permanent water restrictions. They should vote to stop Chesapeake from draining the lake.

— Don Dougherty,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the low-life for stealing my magnetic tribute-to-the-troops ribbon from the back of my car at the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center while I was having a procedure for cancer.

— Jeff Krebs, Joshua