Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Jeers: To Ted Nugent. Ted, you made a promise that if President Obama were re-elected, you would either be dead or in jail. You may not be coherent enough to know, but a promise is a promise. Man up. Your choice.

— Russell Price, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Fort Worth’s street department. I contacted them recently to report a deepening pothole in a nearby street. It was filled the next day. You can’t beat that service.

— Dan Smith, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the incredible committed volunteers, neighborhood associations and the city of Fort Worth (Special Events Department, Police Department, Fire Department and Water Department) for helping to welcome runners from across the world to the Cowtown Marathon. Runners visiting our city felt welcomed and appreciated the Fort Worth hospitality.

— Heidi Swartz, executive director, The Cowtown, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Total Environment. Since moving into the Riverside former FedEx building, Matt Taylor and his staff have left no stone unturned in helping to keep United Riverside Neighborhood looking good through overall upkeep and constant planting of greenery in Louella Baker Park. Take a look-see during the nighttime — beautiful lights adorn the building.

— Sarah Walker, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Williams Barber College for the “$2 Tuesday Haircuts” during the months of February and March. This provided an opportunity for those to get an excellent haircut a a nominal price while allowing the student barbers to gain valuable experience. Thank you for your service to the city and community

— Tommie Carter Jr., Fort Worth

Cheers: To the young man who paid for my wife’s and my breakfasts at McDonald’s on Colleyville Boulevard on Feb. 22. I didn’t get his name, but I won’t forget his pleasant thoughtfulness. Many thanks and blessings to you and your family.

— Joe and Jo D’Angeli, Bedford

Jeers: To a local hospital for promising to pay for all my medical expenses after they punctured a nerve in my arm drawing blood. After I submitted my doctor bills, tests and results, the hospital denied my claim because they said it was not negligence by their employee. Should have gotten the “promise” in writing.

— Dennis Harkcom, Burleson

Cheers: To my lovely daughter, Sharon Oxford, who took off her job to help me with everything. I couldn’t walk with my injured leg. Also to Jim Stevens, John L. Baker and Harold Carninati, best friends who stood by me.

— Hollis Robbins, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Glen, who I only saw at a place of business, but never met. I’m an elderly lady and was at a different shop to get my hair done. While getting my hair done, I was told Glen paid my bill and wished me a wonderful day. Not all angels are in heaven.

— Phyllis J. Robinson, Arlington

Cheers: To the Sonic Drive-in on U.S. 377 in Benbrook for outstanding service. A big thank you to the evening and weekend staff: manager Inez, assistant managers Ruth and Sonia, employees Emily, Haley, Jessica, Justin, Jake, Jackie, Adriana and Janet.

— Haskell Dotson, Benbrook

Cheers: To North East Mall security guard Jasmine. I could not find my car. Was sure it had been stolen. Jasmine, professional and courteous, made sure I was OK, then did her thing. Yes, it was a senior moment but Officer Jasmine treated me with dignity.

— Janis Harrell, Fort Worth

Jeers: To a Fort Worth alternator company. After two failed attempts to fix our alternator, we were never given a refund. Every day the owner had an excuse until we took our business elsewhere, which is what he wanted.

— Claudia Montes, Fort Worth

Jeers: To those who criticize Dale Hansen. Dale was stating fact. He didn’t make those situations up, he didn’t say anything negative and certainly no contemptuous overtones.

— Chris Roberts, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Texas Wesleyan University doctor of education recent graduate Kary A. Johnson, who won the 2014 Southwest Educational Research Association Bruce Thompson Outstanding Paper Award at the February conference in New Orleans. Others participating or honored include: Jeff Herr and Shane Naterman, Katrina Schultz, Waldine Fryer and Jolene Webster.

— Sandy Myers, Fort Worth

Jeers: To two cabinet company employees. They made my cabinets and made a mess of them. They will not correct them. They took our money. We are seniors in our 70s. I have called and sent letters to them with no luck.

— Sue Gray,


Jeers: To a national home improvement chain for narrowing the definition of “veteran” in their “thank you for your service” discount program. There is sometimes more to the bottom line than just dollars and cents. There is also something disingenuous now when you thank me for my eight-and-a-half years of service.

— Tom Smusz,


Cheers: To Mac and Kay McCaslin, owners of K & B Clock Shop in North Richland Hills. I took our 46-year-old Seth Thomas mantle clock to their shop for repairs. They oiled it and wound it at no charge and now it keeps better time than it ever has before.

— Max McMillon,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To Fort Worth police officer Corey Autrey, who was handed my lost wallet while working the Cowtown Marathon. He contacted me and then took the time out of his day to bring it to me after he finished working the marathon. His extra effort was appreciated more than words can say.

— Nancy Stepp, Mansfield

Jeers: To an auto dealer in Weatherford. I purchased a new vehicle and later discovered an error resulting in a higher monthly payment than it should be. After several attempts to meet with the general manager, and over a two-month period, no appointment has been made.

— Don Gerik, Benbrook

Jeers: To the administration at a Burleson elementary school for failing to notify parents that the buses returning fourth-grade students back from an Austin trip on Feb. 21 were running an hour behind schedule. A little consideration would have gone a long way.

— Randy Parks, Burleson

Cheers: To KTXA/Channel 21.2 for bringing back MeTV in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

— John T. Patterson, Arlington

Cheers: To the team of doctors and nurses at the Baylor All Saints NICU who cared for our baby boy, Louis. They did an unbelievable job helping my wife and me through an extremely stressful and trying time. Top-tier medical service and exceptional communication made the situation much easier to handle.

— Pete Bacigalupo, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the people who sliced in half a large Andy Cargile campaign sign on Melbourne Road in Hurst.

— Robert Mills, Hurst

Cheers: To everyone who donated working/non-working appliances, fencing and building supplies to our nonprofit no-kill animal rescue (Pets Luv Furever Animal Rescue). Special thanks to Lyn Delany for hers and the generous check. Margie Broeault is our angel who keeps soliciting more donations. Animal lovers help us in rescuing.

— Kristen Stewart, Grand Prairie

Cheers: To Rendon Feed & Hardware Store on Farm Road 1187, and owner Chase Pitzer. They offer competitive prices, convenient hours and friendliest service around! (And will order anything they don’t have). Worth the drive.

— Marty Mayfield, Burleson

Jeers: To the people on Northwest Green Oaks Boulevard who run through the school zone at Lincoln Street and pass school buses that are loading and unloading children. The flashing yellow lights on schools zone signs mean slow down, and the red flashing light on the school bus means stop.

— Randy P. Sparks, Arlington

Jeers: To a propane company that charged $4.68 per gallon in January when another company charged $3.09. You have definitely lost me as a customer. Everyone should check around. Don’t lease your tank because you are obligated to buy from that company.

— Jeanette Reynolds, Kennedale

Jeers: To the woman from a storage company who stole three quilts while I was distracted. My ladies from Bridgeport and from Tabernacle Baptist Church in Roanoke put their names on a square and made these quilts which were very special for a pastor’s wife. I pray they will be returned to the office.

— Fran M. Tims, Haltom City

Jeers: To Bedford City Council for its majority vote against trap-neuter-release (TNR) as Bedford’s alternative to the feral cat death row now existing in its shelter. TNR works because it humanely addresses the population problem at its source by ultimately ending propagation within colonies. Why not a pilot TNR program, Bedford?

— Patsy Watson, Bedford