Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Jeers: To the government for forcing us to buy energy-saving light bulbs. When we save energy with these high-priced bulbs the electric company charges us a fee because we didn’t use enough electricty. It seems the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

— Roy G. Barnes, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the wonderful, thoughtful gentleman on Reese Lane in Azle who pulled into my driveway during the ice storm to help me up after I fell. There were many cars that passed without stopping, but this gentleman did not hesitate to assist me. You are an angel and I will never forget your kindness.

— Judy Cleveland, Azle

Jeers: To Wendy Davis. If she lies about her past, she will lie about anything. Good thing we found out now before it was too late.

— Ellen Byron, Grand Prairie

Jeers: To city of Fort Worth Building Permit Department for charging a hefty fee on a fixed-income couple to replace a broken door to our sun room. And to top it off, when we called for final inspection, they responded by saying, “We don’t care to make the trip. Besides, it’s just a door!”

— Bob and Debbie Mittl,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Cathy (dental hygienist for dentist Clinton Hyatt in Hurst) for always doing such a great job. She is professional and has the capability of making you feel that you aren’t just another patient. She is definitely quite dedicated to her profession. Thanks, Cathy.

— Seretta and Don Truitt,


Jeers: To a shopping mall Santa Claus exhibit this past Christmas. Even if you purchased pictures (which were overpriced), you were still not allowed to take a picture with your cell phone or any other camera. It shouldn’t break you just to have your child’s picture taken with Santa.

— Mary Stewart, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Becky Haskin for her logical and spirited defense of Wendy Davis’ campaign bio. All campaign bios, even Abe Lincoln’s, are distorted for political impact. Wendy Davis and the Castro brothers are the best thing to happen to Texas politics since LBJ and Molly Ivins.

— Paul R. Schattman, Arlington

Cheers: To the lovely lady who was behind me in line at the 99 Cent store on Rufe Snow Drive a couple of weeks ago. We were visiting from out of the country and were 15 cents short at the checkout. She sweetly paid the 15 cents and made my day. I’m sorry I didn’t get your name, but we will sure pay it forward.

— Cheryl Clair, Clonmel, Co.,

Tipperary, Ireland

Cheers: To the people of Hood County. In the past year we have been in three funeral possessions taking our loved ones to their final resting place. On each occasion the people have pulled off the road and waited for us to pass. Some have got out of their car and stood with their hats off. It is very much appreciated.

—Carol Rentfrow,

North Richland Hills

Jeers: To the mounted police. While at the rodeo on Sunday night, they did not remove their hats (covers) during prayer or the National Anthem. I think that they poorly represented themselves in this manner.

— Glenda Phillips, Alvarado

Cheers: To the generous and kind ones at Red Lobster Jan. 9 who paid for dinner for my mother, sister and me. We deeply appreciate this blessing and serendipity. It will be paid forward. May the Lord bless you in 2014.

— Janis Kelly, Charlene Young

and Trish Young,

North Richland Hills

Jeers: To the city of Keller for installing a light at Rufe Snow Drive and Johnson Road. The city received near unanimous opposition during the review meeting but decided against it. There is a reason the street bond failed.

— Bruce Wancata,


Cheers: To the generous gentleman who handed me a $100-bill Monday at the Hulen PetSmart when I was there as a Benbrook 4PAWS volunteer trying to find a home for two adorable little 18-month-old Peke sisters found as strays.

— Margaret Pennington,


Jeers: To those responsible at the new American Airlines for making the decision to gut the retiree pass privileges. I am pretty sure that they did not shovel snow at minus-50 degrees windchill to assist aircraft to park at the gate. It is easy to make these decisions in a climate controlled office.

— Don Dougherty, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Arlington firefighters at Station 6 who stopped last Saturday night in front of the Saltgrass Steak House on Interstate 20 to say hello to my great-grandson.The firemen put him in the cab and made him a happy little boy. Arlington has a great fire department.

— Alton Paschall, Arlington

Cheers: To Linda Tarwater and Terri Boyd for assisting Jo Beth Marchand during her life, and certainly after her death at the hands of a low-life scumbag. Jo Beth was a dedicated volunteer at the Meadowbrook Branch Library for years before the death of her mother, which left her homeless.

— Kathleen Bradbury, Fort Worth

Cheers: To nurse DeAnna in emergency at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance and nurse Lisa on the third floor ICU. Thank you for the excellent care you took of my mother, Mary Darwin, on her last day.

— Jacque Caldwell, Itasca

Jeers: To whoever decided to remove the turn lane in Burleson by installing a median from Interstte 35W to FM 731 which requires all traffic to go to the next signal light, or a few intermediate points, and make a U-turn instead of a simple left turn. Burleson police stopped me — not for making a U-turn, but not making it fast enough.

— Richard W. Opperman,


Cheers: To the guys at Kwik Kar in Burleson, especially Gary and Austin. On several occasions I went there for help and they took care of me and didn’t charge me. They even gave me a ride to work. They are angels.

— Jean Stone, Burleson

Cheers: To Boswell High School’s Theatre Department for their musical, A Christmas Carol. It was truly wonderful. In spite of the ice, missed school and cancelled rehearsals, you made it come together. The talent was outstanding. Double Cheers to your talented directors. Good luck in the Lyric awards.

— Billyevan Benton, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Ray and his crew at City Garage on North Beach. It’s hard to find an honest auto mechanic nowadays, but I’m lucky I found them. Thanks guys.

— David Perkins, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Burleson Police Department for its Vacation Home Check program. A special thanks to officers Bartlett, Byrom, Garrett and Henken who made repeated checks on our home and even stacked the weekly bundle of ads on our back porch. What a great group of men and women!

— Mike and Gloria Canuteson, Burleson

Jeers: To Wendy Davis first for lying with no remorse whatsoever, and then for trying to blame the entire sordid episode on Greg Abbott and his campaign. Wendy, we Texans deserve better than that. What a great role model you are for young women today. NOT!

— Kathy O’Neil,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To MITS for providing poor service to the handicapped. I missed three doctor appointments in the past week, costing me money for “no show” fees. I was forced to reschedule for two months from now. And the mayor wants to use $30 million to create a hike-and-bike trail to link Fort Worth to Dallas. Really?

— Mike Scott Hernandez,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the person who took my wife’s duffel bag at the entrance to John Peter Smith Hospital as we were loading up to leave during the recent ice storm. There was not much of value to you, but it cost us thousands of dollars to replace my wife’s eyeglasses and dentures.

— Houston Green, Weatherford

Cheers: To Dr. Baker for bringing it all out in the open. Very refreshing to see an intelligent treatise on the subject of “predictability of death.” Keep pushing, I’m with you. The Care Planning Act does sound reasonable.

— Eva Mancuso, Hico

Jeers: To those who, with good intentions, pay for other people’s meals in restaurants. Those recipients are able to pay for their own meals or they would not be there. Why not give to a food bank, Meals on Wheels or other organizations which help those who face hunger every day. You might not have the instant gratification of your random act, but giving to those who know the dread of an empty table will bring you a greater long-lasting blessing.

— Barbara Enochs, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the winner of the black rhino hunt. He said he wants to “experience a black rhino.” Are you nuts? Let’s make this fair. How about hunting something that has a gun and can shoot back, or are you a “sissy”?

— Jay Mize, Arlington

Jeers: To Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price for applying to the feds for money for bicycle trails. I thought she was conservative.

— Hugh Havins, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Prestige Floors of Keller. We had new hardwood flooring installed in our house by Prestige they did a great job. Sales rep Benson Kelly delivered on everything.

— Larry Simmons,

North Richland Hills