Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

hCheers: To Texas Wesleyan University for its fairness and for respecting other people’s beliefs. (See Wednesday’s Bud Kennedy column, “Muslim bashers take aim at Wesleyan.”) As an avowed atheist, I don’t appreciate people criticizing my beliefs and I don’t criticize others. Our Constitution mandates freedom of religion. We Americans do support our Constitution, don’t we?

— Nat Fralia, Fort Worth

hCheers: To the kind soul who returned my lost wallet in the mail and remained anonymous. I will pay it forward to someone in need in recognition of this kind act.

— Charles Bradley, Keller

hCheers: To the doctors, nurses and staff at Baylor Surgicare at Bedford. They’re all angels in disguise! They sent me a thank-you card for choosing their services last week! Did I mention the surplus of warm blankets along with the friendly, professional service?

— Gene Thomas, Hurst