Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: To the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Andres Franco, Lindsey Branch and all others involved for sharing their talents on Nov. 10 at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School. They transformed our gym into our own Bass Hall, and the symphony played Beethoven’s music with such grace and elegance.

— Linda Petrey, principal, Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, Fort Worth

Jeers: To Olin Chism for his review of Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s Nov. 15 concert. How could he use only one sentence about Adam Golka’s stunning performance of a Brahms concerto, which was awarded three standing ovations? Come back soon, Adam. Bravo!

— Nelda H. Martin, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the city of Arlington for unsuccessfully controlling traffic on Turner Way, which has drainage ditches and no sidewalks. This street is heavily traveled by schoolbuses, cyclists, young pedestrians and speeding cars, pickups and motorcycles. Cheers to the motorcycle officers occasionally assigned to Turner Way.

— Bruce Carlin, Arlington

Jeers: To drivers who don’t heed traffic signs, and then cut into a lane at the last minute. They should learn to wait their turn, like everyone else.

— Barbara Landers, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Our Lady of Victory Catholic School. I like OLV because it has a lot of good kids. I’m 8 and in third grade. When I was in pre-K, my teacher was Mrs. Shaw. I have been at OLV for five years. Now my teacher is Mrs. Rosas. Mrs. Shaw was the best teacher I ever had.

— John Paul Lopez, OLV student, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders of Lake Country Christian School for the wonderful Veterans Day program put on for our residents at Lindbergh Parc Senior Apartments. The students always bring such joy. We look forward to the Christmas tree decorating and the caroling on Dec. 4.

— Kathy Besco, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital’s palliative care unit on the second floor. Thank you for the exceptional care from the nurses, techs and doctors.

— Billie Simpson and family,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To Fort Worth Animal Control. We called animal control because of dog fighting and excessive barking. If the animals are in a fenced yard, animal control can’t do anything. A dog’s bottom lip was hanging off, a leg chewed to pieces, and he was bleeding. They can’t do anything? How about animal cruelty?

— Jean Thornton, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the person who found my iPad in the parking lot of the commissary at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth on Nov. 14. Cheers also to the commissary customer service agent who contacted me before I even knew it was missing. May God bless you for your kindness.

— Madeline Emerson, Azle

Cheers: To the Little Red Wasp staff and manager Jason for their concern and assistance when I fainted in the restaurant on a Saturday night. Jeers to another downtown restaurant for asking that the ambulance be moved while I was being stabilized to be carted off to the ER. It seemed a bit insensitive at the time but amusing later.

— Robert B. Cameron,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To a Southlake bookstore. I volunteer with a nonprofit organization that trains service dogs. Our field trips acclimate the dogs to various environments. Both times we went to the store, the same employee rudely asked how long before we would leave. An avid reader, I will choose a different store.

— Karen Brookman, Volunteer, IDEA Service Dogs, Keller

Jeers: To an air conditioning and heating company for trying to charge $173 for the second time in two years for a heating flame sensor. This item retails at ABCO Appliance Parts for about $20.

— Robert Rottinger, Arlington

Cheers: To the three young firefighters who rescued my wedding ring from a storm drain on Nov. 16. You were a wonderful answer to our prayer! Thank you so much!

— Ed and Lorene Reeves,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To those who berate voters for passing Proposition 6 in the Nov. 5 elections. Perhaps these critics do not realize that the dwindling supply of water in our reservoirs is approaching a catastrophic state.

— Tom Kowalski, Grapevine

Cheers: To Dan Davis of Colleyville and his dental office staff. It says volumes about a dental practice when I look forward to going to the dentist. Cheers also to hygienist Renee for creating such a delightful experience for my 5-year-old grandson’s first trip to the dentist.

— Sandra Davis, Fort Worth

Cheers: To David who kindly rescued me at the Lowe’s in Keller! I couldn’t fit a piece of lumber in my car and he asked if he could load it into his truck and follow me to my home. God bless!

— S.L. Limes, Keller

Cheers: To Richard’s Custom Jewelers in Hurst. Whether you’re buying a battery for your watch or an expensive piece of jewelry, Mr. Richard treats you just the same. What a wonderful man and beautiful store!

— John Cobb, Bedford

Cheers: To the Fort Worth police motorcycle unit that escorted a funeral procession Nov. 14 from Owens Brumley Funeral Home in Fort Worth to Roanoke at about 2 p.m. We were escorted through all the major freeway exchanges in Fort Worth and north on Interstate 35 West. They did a phenomenal job! It was sincerely appreciated!

— Terri Smith, Weatherford

Jeers: To a major phone/Internet/cable company that makes a service appointment and then the technician arrives at a time outside of the window given, causing a lost half-day of work!

— Terri Pearcy, Arlington

Cheers: To the hundreds of people in San Francisco who helped a little boy with leukemia, Miles Scott, be Batkid for a day on Nov. 15. Great things happen when people band together in support of their fellow human beings.

— LoCinda Hennerberg,


Jeers: To some boys in the Argyle student section at a regional quarter-finals volleyball game against Decatur. It is never appropriate to yell derogatory names at players on the opposing team. The boys should be ashamed of themselves and their peers should have stood up against that behavior.

— Sydney North, Bedford

Cheers: To the Altrusa Club of Fort Worth for 52 years of hard work organizing and running the Senior Citizens Fair, an opportunity for seniors to make extra money for the holidays. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.

— Vernelle Blue, River Oaks

Cheers: To the Rotary Club of Fort Worth Southwest for its annual cleanup of LeBlanc Park and for planting a live oak tree! The club has a commitment to water the tree once a week for two years — truly showing “Service above self”!

— Jim Ervin, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Jaci and Giles McCrary for making a documentary about Pat Kirkwood’s Cellar night club. Twenty-six people were interviewed and it premiered Friday night at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. This is a part of Texas history!

— Linda Vonk, Fresno, Calif.

Cheers: To Paul Schattman and Dave Robinson for their Nov. 16 letters to the editor. Citizens absolutely have the right to vote, as well as breathe the air, with the attendant responsibilities to verify who we are and to inhale.

— Joseph Ansley, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the city councilman for north Arlington for dividing our once-peaceful neighborhood by pushing us to form a public improvement district (PID) and replace the wooden fences along two streets with a concrete fence paid for through property taxes.

— Julie Murphy, Arlington

Jeers: To the numerous Dallas-Fort Worth law firms and attorneys who won’t give a 52-year-old disabled veteran a chance at vocational rehabilitation as an entry-level paralegal or investigator, despite 20-plus years as a law enforcement official, two associate degrees and an impending bachelor’s degree.

— Barry D. Wilson,

North Richland Hills

Jeers: To the left-wing media that can’t call an illegal immigrant “illegal,” a Muslim “radical” or the president a “liar.”

— Tom Miller, Fort Worth

Jeers: To a toy store chain for poor customer service. I bought a $400 Polar Express electric train for our three grandchildren to enjoy at Christmas. The transformer was defective, but neither local store would replace it. “When you leave the store, it’s between you and the manufacturer,” the manager said. Replacement from the manufacturer takes four to seven weeks.

— Jim Pritchard, Fort Worth