Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

The Forest Park Pool in Fort Worth was renovated in 2013.
The Forest Park Pool in Fort Worth was renovated in 2013. Star-Telegram

Cheers: To Forest Park Pool manager Kim Johnson, who kept the pool in pristine condition throughout the long, hot summer. She arrived before sun-up, coordinated swim lessons for kids and adults, scheduled dive-in movies, worked with area swim teams that rent the pool for practices, even picked up trash in the parking lot.

Hollace Weiner,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To whoever hit my new car in a parking lot either in Cleburne or Burleson the weekend of Aug. 22. All you left me was some beige paint and a deductible bill.

JoAnn Spruell, Joshua


Cheers: To Twalla Jillani of CSC Security, who was working the Bob Lilly parking lot for the Texas Christian University-Southern Methodist University football game Sept. 19. She voluntarily assumed the job of controlling the after-game traffic, which had become total gridlock.

Joe Blackwell, Bedford


Cheers: To Devan Hall and his crew for the terrific job they did putting in a new driveway and sidewalk. They so far exceeded expectations that it is difficult to limit my praise. Whatever I need, I’ll be sure to call him first. He’s my hero.

Kay Magee, Arlington


Cheers: To law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders who risk their lives to protect and serve. Jeers to gaudy homecoming mums.

Ed Lindsay, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Dr. Le of the Veterans Administration clinic in Fort Worth. Dr. Le has never lost his desire and caring attitude when treating a patient. He always takes as long as necessary to speak to a veteran and sincerely listens, and he and his staff will always answer a message.

Charles Beltram,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra for giving us the opportunity to express our oneness as citizens of the United States of America. The political analysts will give statistics by gender, race, socioeconomic group, geographical area and religion. Remember, we do have a common denominator. We are Americans.

Margie Summers,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To L&M Auto on East Berry Street. These gentlemen ordered a part, got the part and fixed my van in less than two hours! And the work was very reasonably priced.

Debi Young, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the very kind couple who paid for the dinner of two tired sisters on the evening of Aug. 22 at Tony’s in Bedford. May God bless you!

Virginia Copher, North Richland Hills


Cheers: To Walnut Creek Animal Clinic in Mansfield, especially veterinarian Adrianne R. Reue. She took outstanding care of Colonel during his last days! We especially appreciate the late-night phone call as she watched over him during his last hours. We are forever grateful!

Sharon D. and William J. Bench, Mansfield


Cheers: To Rick Coleman, general manager at Hiley Hyundai in Burleson, for his sponsorship. I received a CPR training unit that will be used to teach CPR to our youth. Thank you so much for your contribution. Your generosity will play a part in teaching others the skill of CPR.

Leesa Starrett, Burleson


Cheers: To the incredible doctors and staff at UT Southwestern’s Zale Lipshy University Hospital for bringing my wife, Mariann, back to me. I know God is watching.

Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth


Cheers: To two young ladies (one holding a baby) for assisting me on Sept. 18 at the Kroger store on Southwest Green Oaks Boulevard as I was trying to empty my cart. They pitched right in to help and did the job. God bless them.

Jean Otoole,



Cheers: To the darling girls in Girl Scout Troop 3004 and their leader who were standing outside Albertsons in Westcliff Shopping Center and gave me a bouquet of flowers as a random act of kindness. I was thrilled to receive the beautiful bouquet!

Martha Thomas,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Vancouver International Airport in British Columbia, Canada. Free baggage carts and an escort to the ticket counter by an elderly man, both provided by the parking vendor. No tip accepted. Jeers to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, where luggage carts cost $5, except in international arrivals. Was given directions by a cabbie when an airport employee was too busy.

Michael Hasley,



Cheers: To Jambo’s Barbeque Shack on Little Road in Arlington. The Lovatos did an excellent job to accommodate our Red Hat group. The food was delicious, and it was a fun evening. Thank you!

Jo Smith, Arlington


Cheers: To Dr. Jack Snowden, my dentist, who retired this year after 59 years of the best possible care. Cheers also to his staff for their wonderful support and care: Sandy, Diane, Jan and Carol. God bless all of you.

Tommy Dean, Keller


Jeers: To people who keep their garage sale signs up after the sale, inconveniencing people who drive by and see no sale.

Stephanie Nodwell,



Cheers: To Dr. Torreance Stepteau and the wonderful staff at Pinnacle Pain Management in Hurst for their continued great care during a recent outpatient procedure at North Hills Hospital. With this procedure and their continued guidance, I am now almost able to resume normal everyday activities.

Barry D. Wilson, North Richland Hills


Cheers: To Coach Gary Bartell, Kim Thorne, Bonnie Cockrum and Fred Sears of the Grand Prairie High School alumni for honoring my dad, John Murphy (Class of 1945) with red carpet treatment at the Gopher homecoming game. We enjoyed watching the game from the press box. Certainly a night to remember!

Sharon Whittington,



Jeers: To cellphone store salespeople who lie to you. The sales agent at a Fort Worth store lied about giving me an upgrade and some free items. The bill was double the expected amount. The manager supported it.

Cheryl Dielman,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the anonymous person(s) who saw my “Combat Veteran Vietnam” cap and paid for my lunch at Riscky’s Barbeque in downtown Fort Worth on Sept. 19. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. It will be paid forward!

Roger Owens, Azle


Cheers: To a family of five in a black pickup who came to my aid Sept. 2 on Interstate 20. Seeing me struggling, the husband and wife stopped, changed my blown-out tire and offered to follow me on my way. The three beautiful children made me smile. I promised to pass it on.

Sue E. Turner, Fort Worth


Jeers: To a Grapevine restaurant for serving me rancid food, followed by a trip to the emergency room. When I called to tell the restaurant that there might be a problem, they refused to take any action or to contribute to the $250 co-pay for the hospital visit. I had nothing to eat for seven hours prior or anything after.

Sherri Taylor, Grapevine


Jeers: To people who throw their cups, fast food bags and other debris in Fort Worth.

Linda Pietrucha, Keller


Jeers: To IRS customer service. I line up my tax questions and call the customer service number. I’m put on hold 58 minutes, 26 seconds. After asking my first question, I’m told that the IRS is allowed to discuss only one tax question per phone call. I’ll have to call back for any other questions.

LaVonne Simmonds,



Cheers: To the lady who brought chair umbrellas to the crossing guards at Texas 1187 and Cancun Drive in Mansfield. Cheers also to the parent who gave us cold drinks on a hot afternoon.

Skip and Margie Nuss, Mansfield


Jeers: To a west side car dealership that will not stop making sales calls, despite an appeal to the Better Business Bureau and a personal assurance from the dealer. No sometimes really means no!

James Timmons,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Mike Harris at Oliver Dyer’s Appliances who replaced a “scratch and dent washer with a problem” for a brand new washer. He wanted to “make it right.” He certainly did!

Gerry Houk, Benbrook