Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth
Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Cheers: To Mary Ellen Carr Emery for all the time and effort she spent to plan the 65th reunion of the Arlington Heights High School class of 1950. The gathering was an outstanding and memorable experience.

— Barbara (Sanguinet)

Baldridge, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the management and staff of Albertsons on Little Road and to the unknown gentleman behind me in the checkout lane who, on Aug. 31, kept me from falling when I passed out in the checkout lane. The staff helped me get to my car. Thanks to all.

— Bettie Wylie, Arlington


Cheers: To Vice Principal Mishoe of Heritage Middle School in Colleyville. Our 11-year-old granddaughter’s ride home, on the third day of school, failed to pick her up. She found herself locked out, alone and scared. Mr. Mishoe “rescued” her, calmed her fears and ultimately sent her safely on her way.

— Dale and Suzanne Greene,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Daysha Robinson! She’s a wonderful student. She always has a smile and a friendly greeting. She is a hard worker with excellent results. She is a joy to teach. Thank you!

— Stuart Sumner, Leonard

Middle School, Fort Worth


Jeers: To the Texas Rangers manager for bringing a rookie reliever into a ballgame when the Rangers were struggling to score a second run in a 3-2 game. Also, why play an outfielder hitting under .200 in AAA? A team making a title or playoff run is not a time for tryouts.

— Jim Darnell, Keller


Jeers: To me for basically writing off the Texas Rangers four months ago. I’ve been a baseball fan for 50 years, so I should know better. Cheers to the Rangers for proving me wrong.

— Scott Coleman, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the young man from Pizza Hut in Saginaw who delivered a pizza to my home. I paid him. In a few minutes he came back and showed me that I had given him a $100 bill instead of a $20 bill. Thank you so much!

— Marie Lynam, Saginaw


Cheers: To the anonymous guest who paid for our three meals at the Mexican Inn on Labor Day. We enjoyed the holiday lunch even more because of this generous act.

— Emmit Koelle and family,



Cheers: To the generous person who paid the lunch tab for me and my son on Sept. 5 at the newly reopened Dixie House Cafe on Airport Freeway. I am still smiling.

— Maxine Cheply and Drew Knarr, Hurst


Cheers: To Steve LaCrox. On Aug. 8, my daughter, Sharon, and I were visiting the grave of a loved one. Steve helped Sharon to her feet and to her walker and to get into the car. What a blessing you were to us.

— Neoma Ward, Azle


Cheers: To the wonderful lady who paid for our meal on Labor Day at the Red Lobster on Bedford-Euless Road. It was such a pleasant surprise for us and so appreciated. There are nice people in this world, and sometimes one will cross your path.

— Shirley and Doc Brock,

North Richland Hills


Cheers: To the family that paid for our lunch on a recent Sunday at the IHOP on Interstate 20 near Bryant Irvin Road in honor of Grandparents Day. You made two gray-haired grandmas’ day. God bless you.

— Virginia Lipscomb and Mildred Williams, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Fort Worth Water Department for its assistance with recent water issues. The entire department could not have been more helpful. Special cheers to Roderick Reed, the department inspector who was friendly, helpful, patient, informative and professional as he solved my problem.

— Ed Beckcom, Fort Worth


Cheers: To everyone who is so kind to open doors for me wherever I am. It’s difficult because of my handicap. Also, God has blessed me with the most wonderful doctors. Thank you, all.

— Carolyn Baldree, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Arlington Fire Department and EMT crews who were working out at LA Fitness on Little Road on the morning of Sept. 22. My husband fell and injured himself badly. The men on the crew attended to him quickly, efficiently and with much kindness and patience. You are first class! Thank you!

— Carol Randell, Arlington


Cheers: To Matt, a customer at the Kroger store on South Cooper Street. He helped us pick out eight pumpkins and kindly loaded them into our vehicle for this elderly couple. We will gladly pay your kindness forward.

— Joy and Jim Eller, Arlington


Cheers: To the USS Fort Worth Support Committee, the crew, Rahr & Sons Brewing Co., the sponsors and organizers for making the third anniversary of this great ship an evening of celebration and pride.

— Toni Wietholter, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Dr. James Winn, who has been my physician for a number of years, and is retiring. He is a physician with whom you could talk about any of your medical problems, never making them seem foolish. I pray that God shows him favor and blesses him in his retirement.

— Minnie L. Hodge, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the kind person who paid for lunches for my sister and me at the Bluebonnet Cafe on Sept. 10. We were surprised and overwhelmed by such kindness. Yes, we will pass it on.

— Catherine Moore, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the two employees at the Staples store on South University Drive who went all out to help me obtain an item that wasn’t in stock. Anthony went online and ordered the item for me while Jennifer helped me get my rebate. Customer service at its best.

— Vergil V. Holland, Fort Worth


Cheers: To whoever paid for my meal at Golden Buffet on Aug. 20. May God bless you.

— Benny Cervantez,



Cheers: To Gunter TV and Appliance for installation of a great audio system for our TV. I highly recommend this home-owned and operated business that has served our communities for more than 50 years.

— Homer Johnson, Benbrook


Cheers: To Lee Rogers of Fort Worth for bringing the Arts Commission’s welcome sign to the attention of Fort Worth residents. It’s time for the voters of Fort Worth to exert enough pressure to prevent exposing us to the potential lack of respect among visitors which will surely result.

— Greg Zubroski, Bedford


Cheers: To Dr. Alexander and staff for removing five cancers from my husband’s head. One required 66 staples. The next day (our 60th anniversary), 11 relatives brought lunch, cake, ice cream and gifts. Thanks to all who sent the 46 cards.

— Joyce and Pierce Jones,



Cheers: To whoever found my Bluetooth device outside my car at P.F. Chang’s in Arlington and hung it on the door handle of my car. And cheers to all the people who left it hanging there for me to find. Honest people! I salute you!

— Cathy Trimble, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Fort Worth Transportation & Public Works Department (specifically Dena Johnson and Chris Bosco) for a great job in doing the improvements on East Rosedale Street around Texas Wesleyan University. The sidewalks, streetlights and street art look great. They even repaired our church park fence when they laid the new sidewalk.

— Brendan Peoples, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Braum’s, that other ice cream company! They use sugar, not high fructose corn syrup, in their ice cream. Is it an extra stop in your shopping? Maybe, but then you can also pick up one of their frozen fruit pies that bake up tasting homemade! They’re worth the effort!

— Kathryn Flenniken,

Willow Park


Jeers: To the senior citizens of Benbrook for not supporting the free dance at the Benbrook Senior Center on the second and fourth Friday of every month. Cheers to the ones from River Oaks, Burleson, Weatherford, White Settlement and others who came to dance or to listen to the Blue Water Band.

— Coramae Julien, Benbrook


Cheers: To attorney Richard Henderson for a clear explanation in the Sept. 15 Opinions section of why an assault on the athletic field is the same as an assault in the classroom. Punishment for both should be the same. And the victim in each scenario deserves equal justice. Athletes aren’t above the law.

— James Ledford, Fort Worth


Jeers: To those who let their dogs run loose on the Trinity Trails and in city parks. Your dogs like it, but it’s illegal and rude to others, no matter how well-behaved you think your dogs are. We would be grateful if you would exercise responsible behavior and leash them.

— Kenneth Janak, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the entire staff of the Botanic Garden and the Deborah Beggs of Moncrief Garden Center for all the help in making Art in the Garden 2015 such a success. We couldn’t have done it without you.

— Amanda Plotnicki,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To veterinarian Mark Langevin and assistant Sarah for the kindness and compassion shown to my niece and her beloved cat, Pumpkin. Because of their excellent care, I will be changing veterinarians and recommending Westcreek Animal Clinic to my family and friends.

— Rosie Strother, Crowley


Jeers: To the city of Fort Worth for putting in landscaping and trees and then not having a plan or making an effort to take care of the project. After a period of time, the landscaping dies and makes the whole area look depressed. Poor use of citizens’ taxes.

— Gary Harrell, Fort Worth


Cheers: To RaceTrac gas and convenience stores for recognizing teachers during the month of September and giving them free fountain drinks or coffee. Your RaceTrac Appreciates Teachers campaign gets a big thumbs up!

— Stephanie Posner, Arlington

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