Cheers & Jeers

Thanks to Lone Star Park and for kindness, but readers jeer high water bills, bad phone service

Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie suspended racing in July 2018 due to the heat.
Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie suspended racing in July 2018 due to the heat.

Cheers: To Lone Star Park for canceling their races this past weekend because of the extreme heat. It is wonderful to see the owners and trainers put the welfare of their jockeys and horses first.

—Meta Wilber,

Willow Park

Jeers: To two convenience stores that fly the national flag of Mexico alongside the United States and Texas flags.

—Jeanie Bryant,


Cheers: To the nice ladies and beautiful children who paid for lunch at Denny’s in Lake Worth. I wish I could hug your necks. I will soon be 95 and I needed a lift.

—Leota Lasater,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Cheryl Vess, community activities coordinator for the Lake Worth senior center. If someone wants to add a new game or dance class, she finds a day and room. She is always smiling, which puts smiles on others. She is a great leader with genuine love.

—Dortha Baker,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Keene Public Works for filling potholes on County Road 317. This is part of our frequent cycling route and was thus made a safer and more enjoyable trip for our Fort Worth Bicycle Association group ride called “Burleson and Beyond.”

—Neil Sawyer,


Cheers: To Gwynne Horton and the Cowtown Vettes for making our son’s birthday unforgettable. The cars are impressive, and the people are even better

—Kathy and Ryan

Raines, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Dr. John Franko, our dentist. He is so kind and caring. He truly appreciates every one of his patients. He only does what is best for his patients.

—Sandra Welch,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To a checker at Kroger on West Lamar Boulevard in Arlington who called the front desk when my purse was missing. They had it!!! Had quite a bit of money. Thanks to the entire store and to James the manager.

—Dixie Drake,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To our former mailman, Shannon, and his backup, Eric. They never missed a delivery or pickup.

—Hannah and Rick

Clayton, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Oncor and all who conserved energy to minimize power outages during the extreme heat wave. There is strength in numbers.

—Joseph Ansley,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Mr. and Mrs. John Burroughs for exhibiting the true spirit of honesty when finding and returning money that I did not know I had dropped while waiting to be seated at Terrace View Restaurant in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Thanks for setting an example.

—Samuel Frank

Simmons, Hurst

Cheers: Swim lessons at the Euless outdoor pool are a huge success; once again! Special thanks to instructors Aly and Emily, also cheers to manager Dominique and to all lifeguards, junior guards and pool attendants.

—Vince Basset, Euless

Jeers: To a flooring company that installed a broken tile in our pool house and even grouted it in — such shoddy workmanship. He was contacted and refused to honor the warranty. It’s sad a man’s word is no good.

—Troy Jordan,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the nice man who paid for breakfast for myself and my two sisters at Good Day Café on South Carrier Parkway.

—Gayle Gibson,


Cheers: To the volunteers who frequently pick up roadside trash in White Settlement around the streets of Westpoint, Alameda, and Academy. We see you, appreciate you, and send you a great big thank you!

—Angela DeSalvo,

Fort Worth

Jeers: My Lakeside water charge in May was $162.63. June was $169.29. July was $937.29. No leaks were found. No explanation was given by the water department.

—Billy T. Cantwell,


Cheers: To the Texas Health Harris Southwest hospital fifth floor for service on my three-day stay. The service was over the top. And a special thanks to RN Caitlin who made my stay even enjoyable.

—Elton Jackson,


Jeers: To whoever left a Shih Tzu puppy in the car at the Walmart in Burleson. The window was cracked and there was a little wind blowing, but that is not the point. Had it been any hotter, I would have called the police. Please leave your animal babies at home while you shop.

—Carolyn Godsey,


Jeers: To those who feed the homeless people camping in fields. who camp in vacant fields. You are not helping them or the area where they are camping. They cause sanitation problems. At a shelter they will be fed, have a place to sleep and get mental health care if necessary.

—Marilyn Gabler,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Visit Fort Worth and its leader Bob Jameson for their very effective marketing efforts to bring visitors to our great city.

—Jan Fersing,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To Jerry Jones for the need to weigh in on just about everything. He needs to ride off into the sunset and stay in the owners’ box physically and verbally.

—Barry D. Wilson,

Haltom City

Jeers: To a phone service provider. I have had my phone since June 1959. This is the first time I’ve had no service. My phone was out of order from July 4 to July 10, then again since July 16. No one has contacted me at all. I hope they plan on discounting my bill.

—Virginia Noah,

Fort Worth