Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

After a brief rain, a rainbow stretches over La Grave Field between innings of the Fort Worth Cats versus Shreveport Sports baseball game in 2008.
After a brief rain, a rainbow stretches over La Grave Field between innings of the Fort Worth Cats versus Shreveport Sports baseball game in 2008. SPECIAL

Jeers: To all the parties responsible for the Fort Worth Cats baseball team not playing at LaGrave Field this year. It’s a shame that LaGrave Field will sit empty all summer and hundreds of baseball fans will miss the opportunity to watch a great game.

— Garey Ketcham, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the city of Arlington for failing to remove dead animals from the streets. Recently one was killed on Lamar Boulevard by the water park and never was removed. Shameful.

— Bill Ousley, Arlington

Jeers: To those who don’t like how their representatives vote and then turn around and vote for them in the next election. Psychologists say that doing the same thing over and over and then expecting change is a sign of insanity! Go figure.

— Edward Lindsay, Fort Worth

Cheers: To those responsible for the splendor of flowering native plants surrounding Arlington City Hall and Worthington National Bank and the beds along Main Street and UTA’s Green at College Park. Strolling the Center Street Pedestrian Trail, which connects them, is a treat for the senses. Thanks to the many people who make this possible.

— John O’Malley, Arlington

Cheers: To the gentleman who insisted on giving his first-class seat from D/FW Airport to Atlanta to my grandson/soldier who was on his way to an overseas duty station. Your thoughtful act makes me proud to be an American. I salute you.

— William P. Morgan,


Jeers: To those who consume alcohol and then drive on the public thoroughfares and to those drivers who text as they drive. It’s none of my business, until he or she is doing it while driving. Then it’s my business. You cause accidents, and you are not the one killed or injured!

— Shirley Rardin, Fort Worth

Cheers: To nurse Donna Jeffries who came to our rescue when the hospice we had for our mother dropped continuous care three days before her death. Donna saw our distress and stayed with our mother 24/7 until she passed. Words can’t really describe the gift she gave to our family.

— Doree A. Flinn, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the mail carrier who delivered my certified package from Italy to the wrong address. Jeers also to the person who forged my name and took what was mine. You have no character. I forgive you. You know what they say about karma.

— Brenda Mata, Fort Worth

Jeers: To an Arlington bar and grill. A friend and I ordered a menu item priced at $18. The bill showed it as $22. We were told the $22 included sales tax. But we were also charged sales tax. Very fuzzy math! How many other patrons were overcharged?

— Mary Perron, Arlington

Cheers: To Deanna Real, registered nurse at the medical/surgical ICU at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth. After I fell ill and was transported to the emergency room and then into the intensive care unit, Deanna was my nurse. She showed extreme professionalism and an excellent work ethic and became my guardian angel during my stay. She is truly a professional.

— Randy Sanders, Everman

Cheers: To the young lady with a teenaged daughter at the Subway shop on Randol Mill Road in Arlington. She spotted my cap saying I was retired military and thanked me for my service. Then this 84- year-old retiree learned at checkout that she had paid for my lunch. I can’t thank her enough. It made my day.

— James Lucas, Arlington

Cheers: To the kind man who on May 1 at 11:17 p.m. stopped his little white truck in front of my house to pick up a box of trash that had fallen off the curb into the street. Thanks for caring.

— Jan Parsons, Arlington

Jeers: To the Arlington insulation company that either didn’t inspect the ducts or dented and disconnected them while blowing insulation into the attic, and refused to accept any responsibility. How to you explain insulation found in the plenum?

— Helen Burkheimer, Hurst

Cheers: To the nice person who paid for my sandwiches at Subway in Joshua on April 25. There are a lot of nice people in this world. God bless you and I will pass it on.

— Barbara Athens, Joshua

Cheers: To Mansfield fire and rescue for always being there when needed — from a hospital trip at 2:30 a.m. in a pouring rain to helping my husband from his second fall. Blessings to all.

— Joyce and Pierce Jones, Mansfield

Cheers: To Anyar Baez, who works for Fort Worth Towing/AAA. He got my battery replaced at no charge and provided exceptional service, all with a smile. I wish all service people were as friendly and enjoyed their jobs as much as he does.

— Eric Johnson, Benbrook

Cheers: To Fort Worth Code Enforcement officer Leo Ortiz. I called regarding illegal dumping behind a convenience store in my neighborhood. He found the location, notified the owner and coordinated cleanup with Sansom Park, because the dumping didn’t occur in Fort Worth. Our city employees go the extra mile.

— Karen Benson, Fort Worth

Cheers: To “Rob” for buying dinner for seven old ladies at The Point restaurant on Lake Worth on a recent Wednesday evening. This act of kindness by a total stranger made us feel really special, and we will pay it forward.

—Doris Casey, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Dixie House Café on East Belknap Street. On April 25, they treated Ms. Carla from Bonnie Brae Elementary School and other volunteers to breakfast prior to the first annual Carter Riverside Resource Fair. Thank you!

— Rochelle Morris,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the auto registration people. If you have all your paperwork in order, it takes them about a minute to do their part. Good job. Keep it up.

— Mary Lewis, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Susan Dewbrew of Keller Williams Realty. If you’re planning on selling or buying a home, you can’t do better than to hire Susan to assist you in this huge effort. She is topnotch and will hang in with you to the final closing. I couldn’t have made it without her!

— Darlene Underwood,


Jeers: To whoever consistently dumps tree limbs, old furniture and trash by our dumpster on the church parking lot. This month we were charged $348, an amount we can’t afford for this. Is there no more respect for the church and its property?

— Pearl Hunt, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Joey Diomede of Fort Worth Catering Co. and to his staff for a job well done at the Birdville School Grand Reunion 2015. Delicious food, beautiful display of food, very friendly and courteous staff. Thank you so very much.

— Minnie Mason,

1952 class representative,

Richland Hills

Cheers: To the kind people who paid for our meal April 26 at the AA China Super Buffet. May God bless.

— Joe and Guin Anderson,


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