Cheers & Jeers

To an art museum, Theatre TCU, and nice vets and dentists: readers' Cheers & Jeers

Laurie Simmons' "Big Camera/Little Camera" (1976), part of a current exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
Laurie Simmons' "Big Camera/Little Camera" (1976), part of a current exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Courtesy Laurie Simmons and Salon 94

Cheers: To Modern Art Museum docent Angela for her fascinating May 2 tour and to tour and docent administrator Aimee Cardoso for the conversation we shared. Take a 2 p.m. public tour or schedule a personal group tour with Aimee. The Modern's collection and building are a FW gem.

—Carol Hubbard,


Cheers: To Dr. Paul Hendon and his technician, Tomas, at Westcreek Animal Clinic for their compassion and professionalism. Their kindness and understanding were a blessing during the devastating experience of holding my beloved Sunny cat as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I highly recommend Westcreek for anyone looking for good veterinarian services.

—Rosie Strother,


Cheers: To LCB Landy Excavation and Demolition in Burleson. We needed a half-century-old mobile home, large tree and a couple of outbuildings demolished. The project was completed within a day and a half, above and beyond our expectations and at a reasonable price — cleaned up and hauled away. Job well done!

—Debi Pitzer, Rendon

Cheers: To a young man named Richard who is a cashier at Kroger on Altamesa Boulevard in Fort Worth. He has been checking out my groceries for about 20 years and he always is very cheerful and friendly. It's just a delight to go into his line.

—Tara Lathen,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To River Oaks. A storm brought a large tree limb down on my lawn and the street. Our city's crew had it picked up and hauled away by that afternoon.

—Judith Clark,

River Oaks

Cheers: To everyone at the Corner Bakery in downtown Fort Worth. I love the customer service. They do a great job and the manager is so nice. I've been a customer a long time. They make me feel like I am at home.

—Donnell Ballard,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Dr. Ed Menton, Arlington oral and maxillofacial surgeon, for his genuine kindness and care. After a serious fall and trip to the ER, he saw me promptly and followed up, calling at night to check on me. In my opinion, he is an angel on earth.

—Deb Tulley, Arlington

Jeers: To the delivery driver who failed to pick up a large package at our home, simply leaving the shipping document under our doormat while jabbering away on her cellphone. No knock, no ring of our doorbell — simple laziness. All caught on video surveillance. Shame!

—Paul Gray,

Lake Worth

Cheers: To the doctors, nurses, and attendants at Arlington Memorial Hospital emergency, intensive care and fourth floor for the wonderful care when Rebecca was so extremely sick. You are angels.

—Grace Rhoden

and Rebecca Williams,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the young man who returned my credit card at the Conoco on McCart Avenue. I didn't know that I had dropped it and probably wouldn't have missed it until my next stop. Another person may not have been so honest. Thank you for your honesty, politeness and humility.

—Cathy Trimble,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Theatre TCU for its delightful production of "Bat Boy: The Musical"! I saw the original 2001 off-Broadway production, but TCU's was every bit as good. TCU graduate Julian Arredondo would have adored this. Excellent job, everyone!

—Karen Weber,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To a discount store chain for allowing selfish customers to check out in the "20 items or less/express lane." Single customers matter too! Let them purchase tobacco or stamps, then proceed to the other lane. Either make it fair for all or remove the signs. Because "express lane" it is not!

—Tuesday L. Peacock,

River Oaks

Cheers: To the large number of Northeast Tarrant County residents at the prayer service in North Richland Hills city hall.

—Jack O. Lewis,

Haltom City