Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

TCU Horned Frogs head coach Gary Patterson has the respect of fans and opponents. He has 150 career wins at TCU.
TCU Horned Frogs head coach Gary Patterson has the respect of fans and opponents. He has 150 career wins at TCU.

Cheers: To TCU Coach Patterson for his 150th win! Bigger cheers for how he has led our football program with integrity and class. He appears to care more about building honorable men than just winning football games. You make TCU fans proud. We know we can count on you.

Carolyn Fraley, Fort Worth


Cheers: To coach Gary Patterson and his TCU Horned Frog football team for another great Meet the Frogs event. Players were friendly and gracious as they signed autographs for long lines of fans. My family looks forward to this every season, and it never disappoints. Go Frogs!

Stephanie Malloy,



Cheers: To the fine doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff who took excellent care of me during my recent six-day stay at Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth.

Frank H. Sherwood,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To writers who gather what stars think of current events and publishers who print them. Who cares? What a waste of time.

Greg Smiley, Southlake


Cheers: To the Fort Worth Water Department’s “SmartFlush CARE” program for my water-saver unit. Thanks to the two courteous gentlemen from O’Grady Plumbing for installing. Sorry I didn’t get their names.

Billie Fleming Smith,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the many people on the 5500 block to 7600 block of Lawnsberry in Fort Worth who park on both sides of the street, making it difficult to maneuver through this street.

Linda Camarata,



Jeers: To Jon Daniels and the Texas Rangers for not swapping series with the Astros and playing the three games here in Arlington. What happened to Texans helping Texans? Imagine the great PR the Rangers would have received. Jon, once again you prove your critics right.

Walter Slaven, Arlington


Cheers: To Beth Fultz and her eager volunteers for the funny and inspirational musical production of “A Not So Terrible Parable” at St. Stephens Presbyterian Church. The camp featured drama, dance, song, arts. What an amazing tribute to God through the voices of the young participants. Thank you, director Fultz!

Amy Vanderpoel, Benbrook


Jeers: To the general manager of the Texas Rangers. As a Rangers fan since they located in Arlington, I am ashamed of the decision of the general manager concerning the Astros games. The rest of the season I will be rooting for the Astros. The GM needs to “get out of Dodge.”

Jane Coffelt, Arlington


Cheers: To the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and all who helped to make the Classical Weekend Series entertaining, interesting, enjoyable, fun and exceptional experiences. The Orchestra performed brilliantly. The introduction was delightful and extremely interesting. And, those fortunate to attend are very grateful.

Toni Wietholter,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the city of Arlington for putting in a sidewalk on Mayfield Road by Martin High School. It was great seeing kids walking on the sidewalk instead of on the grass or street. Always felt they were in danger walking on the side of the road. Thank you, Arlington.

Lorraine Vacanti,



Cheers: To Cook Children’s Medical Center for accepting critically ill and critically small babies from the area hit by Hurricane Harvey. Jeers to the nursing home that allowed their residents to sit in waist- to shoulder-high water by not evacuating them earlier.

Sherree and Jerry Wood, Azle


Cheers: To Connie Williams at the Kroger on West Berry Street for supporting our back-to-school staff development for choral and elementary music teachers. Cookies and community go together. We also lift our cups to Caren Penland and the Sundance Square Starbucks, for your generous, stimulating gift!

Chrissie Seligson, Arlington


Jeers: To a museum that kept us waiting in line to see the eclipse. After a 20-minute presentation, we were asked to leave so others could get in. We were there early to watch, and instead had to stand up in the lobby and watch it on a wall.

Sharon Petersen, Arlington


Jeers: To litterers. My husband walks our German shepherd dog every morning for exercise, and he picks up litter as he is walking. He has been offered money, which he refuses. What he would really like to see is for people to pick up more of their own litter.

Frankie Rike, Benbrook


Cheers: To Texas Rehabilitation Hospital. Following recent surgery, their excellent team were tremendous supporters of my rehabilitation. Therapists Katie Rasmusen, student Rosie and Katie Salazar worked tirelessly and were a constant source of encouragement. TRH’s techs, nurses and staff went well beyond reasonable expectations. Great praise to the entire staff.

Mark Angle, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Haltom City official, employee or whoever was responsible for the recent upgraded striping on Stanley Keller Road. Jeers to the officials who ignored the problem in past years.

J.W. Robbins, Haltom City


Jeers: Wal-Mart for doing away with the express checkout line. There are always five to 10 people in the only regular line and usually only three or four in the code reader checkouts. Plus the code reader lines do not accept checks.

John Wilson, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Lawrence at the American Airlines desk in D.C., who went above and beyond the call of duty; arranged for a much better seat when I checked in, and I didn’t even ask. Thanks Lawrence and AA!

Nancy Bell, Arlington


Jeers: To contractors who discuss doing a job and then don’t call back. Three that I spoke with about a construction job said they would call back the next day and never did. That is a slap in the face as far as I am concerned.

Bonnie Hromcik, Benbrook


Cheers: To Steve Vogel of Chisholm Trail Estates for being a great boss and friend for 20 years.

Rhonda Camp, Cleburne


Cheers: To the young man who stopped his truck, got out and came across my yard to bring my recycling container in from the street. He saved a senior citizen many steps on a hot afternoon. Thank you for your kindness.

Mary Hearn, Haltom City


Cheers: To the great doctors, nurses and attendants at a rehabilitation hospital in the Mid-Cities area and at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Grapevine. To Ed and Alissa, your care was outstanding. Also, food service people, your food was excellent.

Gerald Musselman,



Cheers: To DFW Home Health: Nate Byford, PT; Whitney Pollard, RN; Kimberly, LVN; Lee Taylor, RN; Christine Hobbs, LVN; and Ida Martin, RN. Home health nurses visited me twice weekly for several weeks.

Dorothy Reid, Fort Worth


Cheers: To those who write the daily obits. Thank you for including the age and or the date of birth of the deceased. Our lives are precious, and age is a blessing.

Alberta Bell, Saginaw


Cheers: Thanks to Bob and Annette for moving an 87-year-old.

Eddie Geisel, Pantego


Cheers: What a wonderful surprise Joyce and I had Sunday at Catfish & Co. in Hurst. A nice gentleman named Donnie and the lovely lady with him paid for our lunch. I promise we will do the same for someone else.

Julia Bridges, Hurst


Cheers: To Richard Evans, physical therapist at Greater Therapy Centers in southwest Fort Worth. His knowledge, procedures, compassion and personal involvement with my impinged rotator cap problem on my shoulder were beyond my expectations. Thanks to him and the other staff, my shoulder now performs as “normal.” One happy senior!

Dale Niedbalski, Crowley


Cheers: To cyclists who announce “Passing on left” while riding on River Legacy Trail according to posted trail rules. Cheers to those who kindly and gently remind other cyclists to do so.

Marc Anduss, Arlington