Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott won the NFL rushing title despite not playing in the last game of the regular season.
Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott won the NFL rushing title despite not playing in the last game of the regular season.

Jeers: To the Dallas Cowboys for resting key players in their final game. If it doesn’t work, and it might not, the image of Ezekiel Elliott sitting on the bench in a sweatshirt will be the picture of the year.

Jerry Schmidt,



Cheers: To the Tarrant County Tax Office vehicle registration employees at 100 E. Weatherford St. in downtown Fort Worth. They were helpful, friendly and creative. Griselda was outstanding handling my non-routine case. I also noticed the same helpful and friendly attitude from other employees. Congratulations.

Ricardo Schulz,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the person who found my daughter’s wallet near Sundance Square and turned it over to Officer Layton. Thank you so much!

Silvia Duncan,



Cheers: To the online pet supply company, Instead of requiring me to return an item in order to receive a refund, it kindly requested that I donate the item to a shelter. What a welcome idea. I am a customer for life!

Karen White-Dacy,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the very generous spirit who paid the bill for all the diners eating at Spiral Diner on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful surprise for the holiday!

Jenny Anderson,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the cable television provider in northwest Fort Worth that provided no programming for more than 2 1/2 days because of “severe weather in Texas.” Really? There was nothing wrong with the cable — current time and program information were provided.

Gary D. Johnson,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Texas Boys Choir for their beautiful Christmas performances. We were able to attend the one at the beautiful Broadway Baptist Church.

Anita and Ray Cox,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the clerk at a pharmacy drive-up window who failed to secure my wife’s prescription in the slide-out carrier. When the carrier was extended, the pills blew out, landed under the car, were run over and crushed. The pharmacy refused to replace the pills unless she paid again.

Jimmy D. Williams,



Cheers: To the fine folks at the Copenhagen Room for their kindness and gentle understanding after my friend got a little abrasive and over the top there recently. God bless.

Robert Roupe,



Cheers: To the employees of Total Wine in south Arlington. When I experienced dizziness at checkout, the cashier closed her line on a very busy day, got me water and took me to a classroom area where I could be comfortable. Other employees checked on me and later made sure I was safely back to my car with merchandise loaded.

Lona Boston Watkins,



Cheers: To TV station WPHL in Philadelphia (“PHL17”) for livestreaming the Mummers Parade on New Year’s Day. This incredible parade lasts the whole day and has comics, marching groups and string bands with elaborate costumes and great music. This is fabulous, family-friendly, free entertainment!

Paulette Wagner,



Cheers: To Grapevine’s Runway Theatre for their wonderful New Year’s Eve gig at the Hilton DFW Lakes! The mystery play was a hoot and the characters were hilariously portrayed, while the dinner, dancing, and silent auction (so many generous donors) added merriment and cheer to ring in 2017. Happy New Year!

Nancy Duncan,



Cheers: To the Wino’s Crew Motor Cycle Club for buying our family breakfast at Heaven’s Gate Restaurant on New Year’s Eve. They came over, thanked us and two Korean and Vietnam veteran family members for their service to our country. Hats off to them.

Howard Dudley Webster,



Jeers: To American Airlines flight crews who persist in welcoming passengers only to “Dallas.” You’d think they would include the name of the city where their corporate headquarters is located.

Bill Lace,



Cheers: To Azadah at Costco Wholesale for helping me find my car keys the week before Christmas. She was so kind and I truly appreciate her going beyond the call of duty to help me.

Margaret Jones, Arlington


Cheers: To Vernon’s Alignment & Automotive Service on White Settlement Road for their honesty and integrity in the automotive repair business.

Wesley Webb, River Oaks


Cheers: To night nurse Laura at Texas Health Emergency Room in North Richland Hills. I had to go in one night to be seen on the advice of my doctor. She was such a sweet and compassionate nurse. She also had a great sense of humor. She explained everything she was doing and why. She made my visit very pleasant.

Laurie Thrash,

Richland Hills


Cheers: To the family on the corner of Thornhill Road and Steppe Drive in Mont Del Estates. Beautiful Christmas decorations, music, and we love going by your home!

Marisa and Gabby Lewis,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To many people who still look up to professional “overpaid” athletes and so called movie “stars” as America’s heroes. I was watching the news and they were paying tribute to all the “celebrities” that have died in 2016. They did not even mention anyone in the military, law enforcement, first responders or fire departments across America.

G.D. Pursley, Fort Worth


Jeers: To all Wedgwood for dumping their garbage at the Goodwill Industries Thrift Store. If it is not worth anything to you, please take it to the proper dump site off U.S. 287. The back of the store is not for garbage deposit.

Mackilee Martin,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the men and women working at the QuikTrip on North Bowen Street and West Division Street in Arlington for your display of courtesy and positive attitudes. Notice how it affects customers holding the doors open for other customers. I have heard many patrons comment on this courtesy by all.

Joe Sessions, Pantego


Jeers: To the city of Fort Worth for doing nothing again this year about all the people firing guns and shooting off fireworks within city limits. Every year this happens and not one thing is done to stop it. Way to go.

Rebecca Smith, Fort Worth


Cheers: To everyone, fire department first responders, the MedStar team and the remarkable staff of doctors and nurses at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth for their treatment and care of Marilyn after her stroke. The timely and efficient treatment resulted in a quick recovery that enabled her to return home Christmas Day.

Taylor Crouch and family,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD for resuming classes on Monday, Jan. 2.

Dorothy McWhorter,



Cheers: To the customer service staff at the Wal-Mart at 6401 N.E. Loop 820, and to the honest person who turned in my grocery bag that I had left in my shopping basket. Jen at customer service took my information and receipt, looked it up and told me that what I had bought was still mine.

Jan Kelly,

North Richland Hills


Jeers: To the Texas Rangers for not renewing Steve Busby’s play-by-play TV broadcasting contract. He and Tom Grieve were great together.

Chris Warchol, Grapevine


Cheers: To the nicest car-repair business in town: Winstead Paint & Body Shop. I took my car in there and received the best service I could ask for. These days you don’t find folks who treat you like a person and not a number. It’s nice not to have to deal with a recorder when you call them and you don’t have to “go online” to get good help.

Suzanne Wyatt,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the person who blew through a red light at West Division Street and North Davis Drive. Put down your cell phone and pay attention to your driving.

Robert Fleitz, Arlington