Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

Chicago cubs players celebrate during a celebration honoring the World Series champions at Grant Park in Chicago, Friday, Nov. 4, 2016.
Chicago cubs players celebrate during a celebration honoring the World Series champions at Grant Park in Chicago, Friday, Nov. 4, 2016. AP

Cheers: To the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians for one of the most exciting World Series ever. Congratulations to the Cubs for winning the World Series for the team, the long-suffering Cub fans everywhere and the memories of Ernie, Billy and Ron. Thanks Cubbies.

Don Brown, Hurst


Cheers: To the Chicago Cubs. As a Chicago native living in Fort Worth and a longtime Cubs fan, I was delighted and over-the-moon that my Cubbies finally won it all in my lifetime.

Tom Haase, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Chicago Cubs. What a thrilling team, “the best and all the rest.”

Reg Przybyl, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Eddie Sanutacint who stayed with me in a Lowe’s parking lot on North Tarrant Parkway until AAA arrived. I was forced off the road by a reckless driver, causing a bent rim and flat tire on my way to golf. I’m a recent widow, so this kindness meant so much.

Karen Mefferd, Keller


Cheers: To two ladies and the man who pushed my dead car out of rush-hour traffic in North Richland Hills. I wish I had gotten your names so I could properly thank you. Also to Ahmad from AAA for getting me home safe. All of you are angels.

Randy Burke,

North Richland Hills


Jeers: To me. If you were carefully riding the yellow motorcycle near Loop 820 and Quebec Street one Saturday afternoon, my white car nearly clipped you. I was not on the phone or in a hurry, I just somehow pulled right in front of you. Thank you for being more careful than me.

Day Cross, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Honoring Our Veterans, held recently at Pathway Church in Burleson. Brenda Gammon put together the program. The highlight of the night was having two Iwo Jima veterans and two POWs speak. Thank you Brenda for putting together this outstanding program.

Fred and Janelle Coyle,



Cheers: To Dr. James Pollifrone and the teams at Arlington Orthopedic and the Baylor Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, especially the nurses who took great care of me after successful surgery for total knee replacement. Everything about the surgery was professionally communicated from the pre- to post-operation procedures.

Bill Wysoski, Arlington


Cheers: To our Rise and Shine benefactor from our singles group at Edge Park United Methodist Church. You made our day again with your thoughtfulness.

Mary Lewis, Fort Worth


Jeers: To the Tarrant County elections administrator and the Secretary of State for returning the ballot of my 76-year-old paraplegic mother. They said it wasn’t signed, which it clearly was. How many other elderly and disabled voters are you trying to disenfranchise by returning legal ballots?

Gregory McKinney,



Cheers: To the staff, doctors and especially the nurses on the third floor of Texas Health Southwest Hospital. Our dad was brought in for an infection and was treated very well by the professionals who cared for him. Thank you for making his stay bearable.

Roy Daugherty,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To free television, but jeers to Tim Conway of McHale’s Navy for giving me a laughing hernia.

Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth


Jeers To a national drug store chain. You’d think their BOGO (buy one get one free) 50-percent-off sales would be a good deal. However, their regular prices are so expensive that it’s cheaper to buy the same items at other national grocery and drug chains for their everyday prices. Do the math.

Carol Hubbard,



Cheers: To Dennis Bubert and his fellow brass players on hiatus from the Fort Worth Symphony who played delightful music for the trick or treaters in the Berkeley Place neighborhood on Halloween. Their engagement in performing for the neighbors and kids was wonderful.

Janet Henderson,

Fort Worth


Jeers: To the rude gatekeeper at the Bass Hall garage. The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw grade school choir was going to perform at 6 p.m., my granddaughter included. Parking 15 minutes early, I was told the garage was not open until 6 p.m. What’s the deal?

Brent Shelley, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Dean & DeLuca Golf Invitational. Special thanks go to golf tournament director Tracy Childers and marshall supervisor Bob Galvan for making it possible to receive a five-year pin for Don Daniel, tournament marshal and friend, who passed away suddenly. Makes me proud to be a volunteer.

Mike Leach, Benbrook


Cheers: To the Texas Rangers baseball team. The Metroplex was entertained all season long.

Joan Nicholson,



Jeers: To the owner/manager of a restaurant in the Cityview neighborhood for raising prices and discontinuing a senior citizen discount.

Raymond Mercado,



Cheers: To Denise at the Walmart grocery store on Boulevard 26 in Richland Hills. She’s super pleasant and helpful. This is an exceptional customer service employee, and I appreciate her very much.

Marlene Eisen,

Richland Hills


Jeers: To our local radio stations that broadcast TCU football games with a 10- to 15-second delay. For us at the game, it’s of little use, so we have to find a local station broadcasting in real time. I’d rather listen to our biased announcers than their biased announcers.

Joe Blackwell, Bedford


Cheers: To the Air Force Medic reservist who assisted my young son at CVS on Camp Bowie Boulevard. Thank you for taking time. You made a positive impression on my children. I’m thankful to have good people in the community.

Jennifer Nickels,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Charlie Nace, city of Hurst parks manager, who along with his work crew beautifully maintains Echo Hills Park as well as the other lovely parks in Hurst. It is just one of the many reasons Hurst is truly a Quality of Life City.

Dolores Shaw, Hurst


Cheers: To the Tarrant County elections staff for taking extra effort to get an absentee ballot to my husband, who is currently deployed in Kuwait with the Army. Your diligence allowed his voice to be heard in this important election.

Christie Partee, Grapevine


Cheers: To Newman International Academy of Arlington for the first-class Veterans Day program they performed to honor the veterans and active duty service personnel. It was outstanding and very much appreciated.

Janelle and

Alvie Ealy, Mansfield


Cheers: To the heroes who helped two over-the-hill women with a flat tire on Interstate 35 to Denton. Thanks to Denton firefighters, Jaye Hopp, Nikie Fields and a young Denton preacher. You saved us. Scary place to change a flat.

Patricia Young, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Vicki at the Grapevine Recreation Center polling place. She helped me through the whole process, as I use a walker. She took all my ID and brought the signature book to sign. I was available to vote sitting down after she got my code and answered any questions. The process was much simpler.

Kelli Worfford, Grapevine


Cheers: To salesman Clay Estes of Jerry’s GMC in Weatherford, who was exceptionally competent, helpful and patient during the sale process of a 2015 Nissan Frontier. I am impressed that he followed through on providing the second key, which was missing, to complete the sale.

Susan Brown, Springtown


Cheers: To the many volunteers at the polling sites. You make democracy happen.

Jacquelyn Wright,

Lake Worth


Cheers: To Dale Dexheimer and fellow volunteers for the Burleson Pioneer Days at Russell Farm. Horse-pulled wagons, mule-powered plowing and disc demonstrations. Live music “not amplified,” chuck wagons and much more so kids could learn “life lessons of the past” and scenes for adults to enjoy.

Jim Wadlow, Burleson