Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

Texas Rangers players stand around the dugout after being eliminated in the American League Division Series.
Texas Rangers players stand around the dugout after being eliminated in the American League Division Series.

Jeers: To the Texas Rangers for their terrible performance against the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League Division Series. I have never been so embarrassed to be a Rangers fan. Vote no on the stadium and let Dallas have them.

Walter Slaven, Arlington


Cheers: To the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers on their professional conduct during the entire series. Both teams chose the high road, avoiding all the hype and talk of payback. All the players were winners on that count and can hold their heads high.

James Broten, Winnipeg, Canada


Jeers: To WFAA/Channel 8 and their 10 p.m. newscast. I didn’t think they could sink any lower when they started years ago the inane banter between Pete Delkus and Dale Hansen, but I was wrong. I feel sorry for the only person on the set with any professionalism: John McCaa.

Trey Dacy, Fort Worth


Cheers: To whoever found my billfold and turned it in to customer service, with everything intact, when I left it on the checkout counter at Albertsons on Oakmont Boulevard. Thanks also to the Albertsons employees who held it for me.

Anita Ellenberger,



Cheers: To J. Gregory Shugart, Tarrant County Criminal Courts administrator, for the insightful program he presented to the Kiwanis Club of Arlington detailing many of the wonderful programs that the courts are doing to help people caught in the system, proof that Tarrant County courts are among the best in the state.

Bill Carlisle, Arlington


Cheers: To the City of Fort Worth Park & Recreation Department for your prompt attention to safety and drainage issues. Your pride and ownership in our trails is recognized and appreciated.

Tom Spencer, Fort Worth


Jeers: To former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf. Why are people in high places allowed to walk away instead of being fired? I wonder how much he will be paid in salary and benefits when he leaves. I’m sure some other company will hire him with another multimillion-dollar contract in the near future.

Joe Martinez,


Jeers: To the young lady in her Mercedes SUV who changed her child’s diaper in the Cityview McDonald’s parking lot and left the diaper next to her SUV. Common hygiene and courtesy say to dispose of it properly.

James Miller, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Shawn Hamilton who stopped at 2 a.m. to aid an elderly lady who had car trouble. He took her to her home in Irving before continuing to his home in Arlington.

Elaine Reeves, Fort Worth


Jeers: To Texas Health Huguley Fitness Center for removing the conversation area that many of the senior citizens used after working out. For some without families it was the only social event of the day, a chance to converse with other adults.

David Schelkle, Crowley


Jeers: To the Texas state highway department for refusing to plant milkweed throughout Texas, even though the monarch butterfly was named the official state insect. The Monarch’s 2,000-mile migration from Canada to Mexico is critically endangered because the milkweed plant, which is essential to their survival, is being destroyed by pesticides.

Sharon Austry, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the family who paid for our dinner at Rio Mambo in Arlington on Saturday night. It was a nice surprise and greatly appreciated.

Dorothy and Gary Kramar, Arlington


Jeers: To the state of Texas for allowing a $62 late fee on a $1.50 toll fee. My fault for being late, but come on, $62 for $1.50 toll?

Charles Kazelis, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Jason-Little Road Animal Clinic for your care, compassion and concern over our sweet cat, Harvey. Your support and understanding eased the pain of dealing with his disease. Thank you for helping us when the time came to say good-bye.

Joe and Donna Claunch, Arlington


Cheers: To Rosemont Middle School’s JCC Program for providing the color guard at the 31st Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards and Scholarship Banquet, where the guest speaker was Kent Scribner, FWISD superintendent.

Erica Blackwell,

North Richland Hills


Cheers: To the very kind couple who helped my elderly mother and me at Saginaw Wal-Mart. My 92-year-old mom, who is wheelchair-bound, had just arrived from California. It was difficult to push her and shop with a cart. This couple helped me cart my items, load my groceries and assist me with my mom and her wheelchair.

Debbie Hughes, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Sarah Bird who wrote the book, A Love Letter to Texas Women. I was not born here but came as soon as I could. Sarah shares so much meaning with “neighboring” and the Texas woman’s spirit.

Sheri LaQuey, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the Tarrant County Elections Office. I’m serving at the U.S. Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, and requested an absentee ballot by email. I received an email from Donna McClung, early voting specialist, who sent me exactly what I needed. My ballot is on the way from the island of Borneo.

Debi Demetrion, Brunei


Cheers: To the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) conductor on train No. 2953. His professionalism certainly helped deter a scary situation. The TRE should have police officers on trains during games and at night.

Ann Kelley,



Cheers: To David Campbell with the city of Fort Worth Transportation & Public Works for getting the ball rolling to replace the street light in front of my house. Also, thanks to the hard-working men who installed the new street light just five weeks after I inquired about a replacement.

Elaine Deines, Fort Worth


Jeers: To DFW area collegiate and professional sports teams who require school choral groups to sell extra tickets to their game before “allowing” them to sing the National Anthem for your crowd. Shame on you for using these students to generate extra revenue.

Brad White, Southlake

Cheers: To Dr. Abe Clark and the team at the North Texas Eye Research Institute of the University of North Texas Health Science Center for providing eye exams for children at the Child Study Center’s Puzzle Scuttle Run. Abe has been generous with his time supporting education and health for kids for many years.

Jaime and Nancy

Dickerson, Fort Worth


Cheers: To the North Richland Hills Library staff and Penguin Random House for the recent Fall Book Buzz. A publishing insider introduced new fiction releases and created a desire for us to read them all.

Barbara J. Jones, North Richland Hills


Cheers: To Annie O’s Grooming. They really helped me out by opening up early when I had an emergency in Dallas. They are a blessing, always available to board or groom my dog.

Pat Ezell, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Eloise Ketchum, who retired from Braum’s at age 98. Cheers to manager Rhonda for the party and thanks to Channel 8 for filming the event.

Joyce Copeland,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the family of four who paid for my dinner today at Pappasito’s Restaurant in Fort Worth. It is great to experience a simple act of kindness. What a teachable moment for the children.

Evelyn Brown, Fort Worth


Cheers: To a man in a white pickup who honked and pointed to the trunk of my car and showed a phone sign. I knew exactly what he meant. I had left my cell phone on my car trunk. Thanks so much to this man for his help.

Johnnie Braddock,

North Richland Hills


Cheers: To the North Richland Hills Fire Department for the fantastic open house. It was fun and educational for both kids and adults. Thanks for the surprise bonus of free hot dogs and soft drinks.

Marilyn Pomeroy,

North Richland Hills


Cheers: To the Meals on Wheels volunteers who deliver in the Wedgwood area of Fort Worth. Thanks to the Meals on Wheels volunteer who helps me with my yard work by mowing the lawn and to the random people who stop and ask if I need or would like a ride.

Joe Walter, Fort Worth