Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has announced new initiatives to continue its educational mission.
The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has announced new initiatives to continue its educational mission. Star-Telegram Archives

Cheers: To the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. At a time when some of our community institutions are suffering existential challenges, it is good to see one that, through good management and with an engaged and productive board, is achieving and thriving here. My thanks to the museum board, management and employees.

Charles Stonick, Granbury


Cheers: To the management and staff at the Westmore Senior Living in Westworth Village for helping to make our celebration for “Papa” Roy Bertelmann’s 90th birthday a wonderful success. Family and friends were impressed with both the facilities provided and the services cheerfully rendered to all of us that day.

Faye Bertelmann, Saginaw


Cheers: To R.J. Gator’s on Trail Lake Drive. They are a fantastic restaurant. Great food and service and a great neighborhood place to eat.

Mackilee Martin,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To people like Breggett Rideau, who fought for 10 years for legislation to get cameras in special needs classrooms. As a mother she never gave up to provide her son what he and so many students deserve, protection and accountability.

Becky Haskin, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Benbrook Middle-High School students, staff, parents, Benbrook Police Department , Benbrook Fire Department and the city streets department, who made our first homecoming parade and “Friday Night Lights” a huge success.

Bobby Spence, Benbrook


Cheers: To Miranda Bauer, Benbrook Youth Services librarian. From June to August there were learning and fun programs, including a funny guest clown, “Mad Scientist Day,” movies, crafts and a closing party featuring a water slide and yummy snow cones. Thank you for engaging our children in positive educational activities.

Amy Vanderpoel, Benbrook


Cheers: To the two angels who assisted my wife after she fell on the sidewalk in front of Dollar Tree in Hurst. You were heaven-sent to the right place at the right time. She didn’t get your names, but we extend our heartfelt thank-you.

Theodore E. Dose, Hurst

Jeers: To Lone Star Park. It is a restaurant with a race track. We need off-track betting for the state of Texas so that we don’t have to put up with the terrible program they offer in Grand Prairie.

James Newberry,

North Richland Hills


Jeers: To the maintenance department at Globe Life Park. As my husband left the park, he fell on some cement that was sticking up, which he didn’t see since it was dark. Cheers to the people who came to his rescue.

David E. Motsinger,



Cheers: To the TCU fan who located my phone and waited in the stadium until we could locate her for the return. Did not get your name, but thank you so much.

Brenda Ennis, Aledo


Cheers: To whoever paid for our dinner at The Blu Crab Seafood House & Bar in Fort Worth. We intended to buy dinner for a hungry man, but the generous person paid for our dinners. This shows that the act of kindness is contagious.

Jimmy Prichard,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To the lovely lady at West Side Cafe who paid for our meal. A bright moment in an otherwise slow day.

William and Betty Rater, Benbrook

Jeers: To all drivers, including police, who use the emergency lane for their private right-turn lane. The solid white line actually means something, and having to wait for the light to turn green isn’t it. There would be an arrow on the pavement if it was.

Jan Clark, Crowley


Cheers: To Bass Performance Hall for its new free hearing aids for people like me. My husband, granddaughter and I shared a wonderful afternoon seeing The Sound of Music. I finally heard every spoken word and song because of the new aids. Thank you!

Judy Weinstein, Fort Worth


Cheers: To Longhorn Termite & Pest Control (Azle) for fine, effective insect control around my house and bed bug elimination for the home of one of my associates. Great service, reasonable prices, reliable company.

Jack Specht, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the employees and their supervisor in the motor vehicle registration at the Northeast Tarrant Courthouse who demonstrated the established standard operating procedures do not apply to them.

Dorothy McWhorter,



Jeers: To the TV networks that fill the halftime of college football games with out-of-work coaches and over-the-hill jocks telling us what we just saw. I would rather see the marching bands.

Jack Marr, Denton


Cheers: To the Fort Worth Catering company for making our 50th anniversary party such a success. The food was very good and the service, well, was excellent.

Jane and Michael Oklat,

Fort Worth


Cheers: To Ridglea Watch and Jewelry for my recent watch repairs. They repaired it in about a week for less than one-tenth of what it would have cost in another store. The watch is good as new. They have earned my business for life.

Caroline Henson,



Cheers: To an elderly man and his son. Both were kind enough to pick up my wallet that I dropped outside Home Depot in Keller and brought it to my home (using the address on my driver’s license). They gave my wallet back with everything as it was, my credit cards, cash, etc., and did not accept a reward. Long live humanity, kindness and thoughtfulness.

Mayank Chattree, Keller


Cheers: To those first responders who went to the aid of their fellow countrymen, women and children under the horrific Hurricane Matthew, even before it hit, especially those Texas men and women from Texas.

Jack O. Lewis, Haltom City


Jeers: To sports writer Mac Engel for blaming the fans for empty seats at the Rangers’ American League series. How about Major League Baseball for start times of 3:30 p.m. and noon? Not everyone can attend ball games for a living. People do have other jobs and have to work.

Robert Hankins, Arlington

Cheers: To Grapevine Police Sgt. Wes Spillers and sales manager Timothy Lynch of Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine. Both gentlemen showed true human compassion and generosity in working together to make life a little bit easier for the family of a slain daughter. Both made the effort to have a car key made so family could claim their daughter’s car without additional headache and frustration.

Theresa Mszar,



Cheers: To the couple who paid for my birthday breakfast with two friends at Bacon’s Bistro and Cafe. It was an added blessing to a special day.

Barbara Cox,



Cheers: To a Grapevine city employee who helped load mulch into my car. My back thanks you. Keep up the great work.

Jan LaPine,



Cheers: To Josh Biggers, Aaron Luna and all the volunteers who share their time and talents each season with the Miracle League athletes. Also, cheers to Emergency Staffing Solutions, coach Josh Biggers’ employer, for graciously offering to provide snacks and drinks to his team at each game this season.

Silvia Briceno, Arlington


Cheers: To Kristen at R.J. Gator’s on Trail Lake Drive. The service you provided was awesome. This was “real” customer service. Friendly, cheerful, funny and timely. You impressed us all. The positive interaction with the grandkids did not go unnoticed.

Greg Scarborough,



Cheers: To Susan Campos, Judy Townes and Laurie Craddock for baking tons of homemade cookies to sell at our 17th Annual 4 PAWS Treasure Sale, benefiting homeless pets in the Benbrook Animal Shelter, and to all the animal lovers who contributed items to sell. The event was successful. Thanks to those who made it so.

Pat Dunkin,



Jeers: To the city of Fort Worth for refusing to help an 80-year-old woman with a disability who needs her sidewalk replaced in order to help her enter and leave her home safely. We were told it is our responsibility.

Tina Rodriguez,

Fort Worth