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No open carry; JPS-UNT questions; keep your distance

No open carry

I do not wish to have open carry gun laws in my city.

In fact, I do not even like concealed carry laws.

I do not like guns, even though my husband has a shotgun.

I do not feel safe knowing that someone could have a gun in a restaurant or place of business where I am.

If I knew there was such a person, I would get up and leave. I would tell the manager or waiter why I was leaving.

I know there is a Second Amendment, but I never interpreted it to mean what these people want it to mean.

— Mackilee Martin, Fort Worth

JPS-UNT questions

I have a few questions about the proposed JPS-UNT collaboration.

JPS is already affiliated with UT Southwestern in Dallas. Does this mean that UNT and UT Southwestern will also be affiliated?

What about the specialty residents and fellows from Southwestern who come to Fort Worth to work at JPS? Will we still have them?

UNT has an internal medicine residency program. Will their internists assume care of inpatients at JPS, depriving JPS family medicine residents of the experience that makes them such proficient doctors?

Also, JPS has a mission to provide quality care for the disabled, uninsured and poor of Tarrant County. Will UNT take over this mission? Will the county provide funds to UNT to help it with this mission? Who will oversee these funds?

Not long ago, UNT diverted state funds in order to pay salaries to its employees.

— Suzanne Tolbert,

Fort Worth

Keep your distance

Freedom of religion is one of the most important tenets on which this country was founded.

To see an elected official like state Rep. Molly White make the ridiculous comments she made last week just boggle the mind on so many levels.

When you consider that Muslims have been victimized more than any other group at the hands of extremists, it is only fair to say that no one in their right mind of any religious persuasion would be supportive of the violent actions of ISIS and like-minded groups.

To see Rep. White lump all people of Muslim faith into the same category as the violent radicals that make the headlines is just wrong.

Therefore, it was good to see Gov. Abbott and House Speaker Straus distance themselves from her comments.

The sooner the voters of White’s district do the same, the better off the Republican party and White’s district will be.

— Mike Morgan, Colleyville


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