Letters to the Editor

Voter ID Law; drinking danger

South Hi Mount Elementary, a quiet polling place early Super Tuesday morning.
South Hi Mount Elementary, a quiet polling place early Super Tuesday morning. pmoseley@star-telegram.com

Voter ID law

The Texas voter ID law, as it stands today, was designed to do one thing: verify citizenship.

By design or not, the writer of a May 25 letter may be correct in that this restricts a voter bloc of Democrats who confuse residency with citizenship.

As for a voting message, it is not the Republicans who tell the poor and minorities they are too helpless to find their fannies with both hands and require the control and guidance of “progressives, intellectuals, and science-oriented” elites and their programs.

Burt E. Ballentine, Keller


Ever tried to get a Texas ID card?

First trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles with my 90-year-old mother’s ID issued by California. No good. Got a pamphlet from the door greeter, and he circled the items needed for the ID so she could vote.

We lacked the proper documents and had to leave.

I obtained the items circled and we proceeded back to the DMV. We were asked by a different greeter if we had documents other than those circled. I replied no, that I had simply brought the ones circled.

No good, and was told it was my fault for not reading every word in the pamphlet. So we had to leave.

Upon reading the pamphlet, I found this list of documents to obtain a Texas ID card: birth certificate, certified copy of birth certificate, U.S. passport, unexpired U.S. passport (again?), photo ID within two years of expiration date, ID issued by another U.S. state, birth certificate, certified copy of birth certificate (once more?), Social Security card (actual card, no copies allowed!) and finally a marriage certificate showing any change of name from what is on the birth certificate (doesn’t say whether actual or certified copy).

Mom was wed in 1947. There should be a copy around here somewhere.

Jerry P. Sorenson,

North Richland Hills

Drinking danger

I had to chuckle at the May 30 All Points item by the college student cheering the banning of smoking in bars.

I would say that a bigger danger to him and those driving in the neighborhoods of those bars is the underage college students in those bars.

Jeff Murray, Weatherford