Letters to the Editor

On Ferguson riots

It is obvious that the majority of African-Americans do not subscribe to the actions of a destructive few in Ferguson, Mo.

They are, in fact, law-abiding citizens who love God, their communities and country.

Amidst destroyed businesses, burning vehicles and buildings, lootings and lawless behavior, the president, news media and radical activists seemed to suggest that the actions were justifiable.

In so doing, they indicted the general public for this behavior, not the few perpetrators of hate.

Most Americans of every race can trace their family histories to either country of origin or circumstances related to gaining citizenship in America.

These include exclusion, oppression, discrimination and persecution.

It is frightening to think what it would be like if every citizen retained an active list of grievances that would find expression in the behaviors in Ferguson.

Americans are not perfect, but America is still the land of the free and the greatest nation on earth.

It will always be a work in progress.

Perhaps a true spirit of gratitude and acts of human kindness are appropriate at this special season of the year.

— Don Ramsey, Fort Worth